Quicklisp makes it easy to get started with a rich set of community-developed Common Lisp libraries.

If you want to help support Quicklisp, please contribute to the limited-time Common Lisp Foundation fundraiser that runs until December 31, 2016.

Have I said yet how awesome Quicklisp is? All Common Lispers should check it out. — Peter Seibel

I must say that I am pleased and impressed. — Hans Hübner

Quicklisp is exactly the system I would have built. — Drew Crampsie

Quicklisp is really what you always wished existed for installing and managing Common Lisp libraries. — Jorge Tavares

Want to try Quicklisp? A public beta is now available.

For the latest Quicklisp news, see @quicklisp on twitter or the Quicklisp blog.

Zach Beane 2014-12-22