WuWei -- an Ajaxy web toolkit for Common Lisp

WuWei is a toolkit for building Ajax web pages and web sites in Common Lisp. It's designed to be light-weight, a toolkit rather than a platform.

Wu wei is Chinese for "effortless doing".



May be run at the demo site: http://wuwei.name


WuWei was written primarily by Mike Travers, originally under the sponsorship of CollabRx, Inc. Some bits of it are derived from BioBike.



Easiest using QuickLisp:

  1. Install QuickLisp from http://www.quicklisp.org/
  2. Tell the install system where to find wuwei and mtlisp (push #p"/misc/repos/wuwei/" asdf:central-registry) (push #p"/misc/repos/mtlisp/")
  3. Load it: (ql:quickload "wuwei") (ql:quickload "wuwei-examples") ; if wanted

[** Note: in OpenMCL, you will need to manually patch a file in acl-compat: ~/quicklisp/dists/quicklisp/software/portableaserve-20101006-cvs/acl-compat/mcl/acl-socket-openmcl.lisp Add the keyword argument stream-args to the accept-connection method]