* Changed license to LLGPLv3
* Added documentation
* Exported uri-encode and uri-decode functions
* Moved test asdf system to its own asd file

* Renamed *encode-uri-string* to uri-encode? (INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE)
* Renamed *decode-uri-string* to uri-decode? (INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE)
* Got rid of bind-standard-uri-components macro (INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE)
* Decision whether or not to uri encode/decode template parts is now taken at macro-expansion instead of run-time (INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE)
* Got rid of cl-ppcre:register-groups-bind style (#'parse-number foo) template binding support (INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE)
* Added Named-Readtables uri-template readtable
* Made template placeholders be an implicit progn
* Made %uri- parameters be lexical anaphors instead of special variables
* Fixed bug where %uri- parameters weren't getting uri-decoded
* Got rid of KMRCL dependency

* Added %uri-head and %uri-tail convenience parameters (thanks to Roman Zaharof for the patch).

* Fixed bugs in standard-uri-components regular expression (thanks to Roman Zaharof for the bug report).

* Changed uri-template-bind lambda-list to resemble that of destructuring-bind

* Added option to do URI decoding in URI template destructuring (on by default)

* Fixed bug where strings inserted into templates were not being URI encoded

* Added URI encoding support for template interpolation. URI encoding is controlled by the *encode-uri-string* flag
* Added interpolation support for Parenscript
* Added URI template destructuring