trivial-irc -- A trivial Common Lisp IRC client library


This documentation corresponds to the upcoming version 0.0.3 of trivial-irc.


(Will add link to tarball as soon as I decide where to host them.)

Source repository


trivial-irc is a (very) trivial IRC client library. Currently, there are no facilities for CTCP, and only very simple facilities for receiving, handling and sending messages. It might evolve over time, and it's my intention to keep the current API available, and to keep it asdf-installable.

It has been tested on Allegro 8.1 and SBCL 1.0.18 on Linux. It should work on any system that usocket and cl-ppcre works on.

Direct dependencies

API documentation (generated from sources)

2008-08-31, Thomas Stenhaug