-*- mode: outline -*-

* Version 0.11, released 17-05-2008

** bugfixes

Fixed an issue with Lispworks and AVL trees.  (Thanks to Gregory Tod.)

Removed calls to SLOT-BOUNDP in node printing functions.  (Thanks to cmm
on #lisp.)

** improvements

Converted trees to be structure-based, rather than CLOS-based.  Also
restructured things so that INSERT/DELETE/FIND are regular functions
rather than generic functions.  Significant speedups were obtained while
benchmarking these changes.

* Version 0.10, released 18-03-2008

This version is a near-total rewrite, with all the incompatibilities
such a release brings.  Please refer to generics.lisp for some details
on what you might have to do to fix your code, and do note that
DO-TREE-RANGE and WITH-TREE-ITERATOR have been removed for the time

* Version 0.6.2, released 30-07-2006

** bugfixes

Fixed bogus DO form in WITH-TREE-ITERATOR.  (Thanks to Daniel Franke.)

** incompatible changes

The two return values from ITER in WITH-TREE-ITERATOR have been swapped
to more closely mimic the semantics of the iterator in
WITH-HASH-TABLE-ITERATOR.  While this is an incompatible change, it is
unlikely anybody will care, since WITH-TREE-ITERATOR was broken in
previous releases anyway.

* Version 0.6.1, released 09-01-2006

** bugfixes

Fix three-argument call to EQ in MAXIMUM-NODE.  (Thanks to Markus

* Version 0.6, released 19-12-2005

** bugfixes

Fixed syntax problems preventing ASDF-INSTALL from working.

Fixed problems with tree rotation code.

** improvements

Major functions exported from TREES (FIND, INSERT, DELETE) are now
generic functions; this change enables support of future search tree types.

* Version 0.5, released 11-02-2005

** bugfixes

Peter Slotko contributed fixes for the following problems:

DO-TREE-RANGE would produce unexpected behavior with this example:

;; *tree* contains 11, 17, 21, 25, and 30
(trees:do-tree-range (x *tree* :lower 15 :upper 18)
  (print x)) 

=> 11

The documentation strings for some functions were incorrect.

** new features

Minor optimizations have been made in some places.

* Version 0.4, released 10-03-2004

** incompatible changes

Removed TREE- prefix from many standard functions.  The most useful
functions now have names which shadow symbols in COMMON-LISP.  Feedback
sought on this change.

** new features

Added utils.lisp with several new macros and functions: DOTREE,

Added LOWER-BOUND and UPPER-BOUND (in the spirit of C++'s map class)

** miscellany

Added LICENSE file specifying the license for the package (BSD)

Optimized lookup routines