SW-HTTP - an EPOLL based server for Common Lisp

  SW-HTTP is a simple EPOLL(7) based HTTP server for Common Lisp tailored for
AJAX/Comet type tasks. It is designed to run in collaboration with a reverse
proxy (mod_proxy) like lighttpd or nginx which will handle the static content.
lighttpd-1.5.x is recommended as it deals better with Comet.

  SW-HTTP has been tested with 20 000 concurrent clients on a Linux-2.6.18 box.

  You basically:

    * Sub-class SERVER and set the APPLICATION-FINDER-FN slot to a callback that
      generates your content.

    * Creates an instance of your server subclass;

        (defparameter *server* (make-instance 'my-server :port 5002))

    * Start listening:

        (start-listening *server*)

    * Then point your browser to http://localhost:5002/