Object-orientation for Common Lisp


Sheeple is a Dynamic, CLOS-like, Delegative Prototype-based Object-Oriented Programming Framework (or "POOP Framework") that strives to optimize application flexibility, minimize cost while increasing value, maximize programmer resources, and empower application implementers to better assist them in leveraging modern paradigms in order to proactively achieve next-generation synergy in tomorrow's web 3.0 world. It is implemented in (mostly) ANSI Common Lisp. Sheeple is fully buzzword compliant. Sheeple was originally written as a persistent library for use with Sykosomatic. Because of a desire to use it in other applications, it was rewritten as a regular prototype object system and provided as a standalone library meant for general-purpose OO hackery.


For an overview and discussion of Sheeple, and the concept of prototypes vs classes, you can watch this talk. The slides are here.


Sheeple 3.0.3 (signature file is here.) You can find my public key on the MIT key site.

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