2004-06-17  Rudi Schlatte  <rudi@constantly.at>

	* src/package.lisp: Add system.getCapabilities.

	* src/extensions.lisp: Create, move server extensions from
	xml-rpc.lisp here.
	(do-one-multicall): Raise standard fault codes.
	(|system.getCapabilities|): Implement.
	* src/xml-rpc.lisp: Remove server extensions.
	(encode-xml-rpc-value): Encode symbols as strings
	(execute-xml-rpc-call, handle-xml-rpc-call): Raise standard fault

2004-06-13  Rudi Schlatte  <rudi@constantly.at>

	* src/xml-rpc.lisp (xml-literal): new datatype for unescaped
	strings (used by system.multicall to pass back encoded fault structs)
	(encode-xml-rpc-value): handle it.
	(encode-xml-rpc-fault-value, encode-xml-rpc-fault): separate
	encoding of fault and methodResponse for system.multicall
	(do-one-multicall, |system.multicall|): Implement system.multicall.

	* src/package.lisp (s-xml-rpc-exports): New package -- don't
	export the whole common-lisp package by default ;)

	* src/xml-rpc.lisp (*xml-rpc-package*): ... use it.

	* src/xml-rpc.lisp (|system.listMethods|)
	(|system.methodSignature|, |system.methodHelp|): Added
	introspection methods, to be imported in *xml-rpc-package*.

	* src/package.lisp (s-xml-rpc): ... export them, and also

	* src/xml-rpc.lisp: Some indentation frobs.