- Bugfix release. Fixes multicall problem when using rpc4cl for the
client. Adds a test suite for the lisp client which duplicates the
ruby client tests.


- Incompatible changes to api. define-rpc-call now takes an extra
  argument specifying in which api the method should be found. the
  macro (with-api (api-name) ...) can be used to specify which api to
  look up methods in like so:

  (define-rpc-call :my-api (echo-int :int n) n)

  (with-api (:my-api)
    (handle-rpc-call ...))

  Because of this change define-rpc-call no longer exports the defined
  functions. There is also a new macro define-rpc-call-help which is
  used like so:

  (define-rpc-call-help :my-api (echo-int)
     "Returns the integer supplied without modifications")  


- Fixes a number of bugs introduced since scrapping plexippus-xpath
  from the depdendencies:

  Correct XML-RPC faults should now be created in handle-rpc-call.

  Decoding the empty string is handled again.

  Plist check should not generate runtime error on faulty input.

  Added a check for a (or "methodCall" "methodResponse") to catch
  runtime errors as invalid input.


- Fixes bug in version 0.2.5. Decode-params should now work both for
  methodCall and methodResponse


- Removed dependency on Plexippus XPath by using the cxml dom instead
  after suggestion from Mahmud Mohamed.


- Fixed so that XML-RPC faults are thrown for invalid XML and xpath
  errors in handle-rpc-call. Previously we would just blow up without
  warning, ops.

- Added keyword parameter to handle-rpc-call: :timeout which takes the
  timeout in seconds before we are going to timeout handling the
  call. This new feature uses trivial-timeout for portability.


- Added system.multicall and way to make multicalls. The basic
  procedure for client multicalls look like this:

  (let ((calls (make-instance 'rpc4cl:multicall :uri "https://example.com/rpc")))
    (rpc4cl:add-call "system.listMethods")
    (rpc4cl:add-call "system.methodHelp" "system.methodHelp")
    (rpc4cl:perform-calls calls))

- Added #'rpc4cl:empty-array which returns a symbol generated by
  gensym which will represent the empty array for encode-value. Use
  this if you had problems with the empty list turning into boolean


- Removed non-portable relative paths in asdf system definition after
  suggestion from John Fremlin.

- Added dependency on babel for calculating length of utf8 string in a
  portable way.