This is the Common Lisp PubMed package.

This package is written and Copyright (C) 2000-2002 by 
Kevin M. Rosenberg <>

The web site for this package is

 - The ASDF system definition facility, available for download at
 - The KMRCL utility package, available for download at 
 - Allegroserve which is included with AllegroCL and is available
   for other platforms at

 - Debian:
     evaluate (require 'pubmed) 

 - Other Operating Systems:
     1. Install the ASDF, KMRCL, and PubMed packages into directories
        of your choice.
     2. Load asdf.lisp.
     3. Push the names of the directories containing the KMRCL and PubMed
        files on to the asdf:*central-registry* list.
     2. Load kmrcl.asd from the KMRCL package.
     3. Load pubmed.asd from the PubMed package.
     4. Evaluate (asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op 'pubmed).

  - Read the source and/or contact the author for support.