This is a short description of what you will find
in the subdirectories of this archive

 ./acl-compat/            Several ACL compatibility hacks
 ./aserve/                The AServe source
 ./debian/                Debian package files
 ./contrib/               Additional useful (?) code contributed by users
 ./logical-hostnames.lisp Some logical-pathname-translations needed by defsys
 ./README                 This file
 ./README.cmucl           Additional documentation for CMU Common Lisp
 ./INSTALL.lisp           Quick installation
 The quick-installation script compiles and loads Portable AllegroServe.

 Loading the file and evaluating
 (aserve-example::start-server :port 2001) starts an AllegroServe
 server on http://localhost:2001 that shows off some of the things
 possible with AllegroServe.  Depending on the Lisp implementation, it
 might be necessary to give additional arguments :chunking nil and/or
 :listeners 0, since chunked transfer encoding and multi-threading are
 not supported everywhere.

Jochen Schmidt