2006-01-21  Rudi Schlatte  <rudi@constantly.at>

	* aserve/proxy.cl (write-body-buffers): initialize len to numeric
	value in all cases

2005-07-05  Klaus Harbo  <klaus@mu.dk>

	* acl-compat/lispworks/acl-socket.lisp (make-ssl-client-stream):
	Support for LispWorks' own SSL facilities.

2005-06-17  Edi Weitz  <edi@agharta.de>

	* acl-compat/lispworks/acl-excl.lisp (filesys-inode):
	Conditionalize.  It's only used on Unix and otherwise the code
	won't even compile on Windows.

2004-10-01  Kevin Rosenberg <kevin@rosenberg.net>
	* acl-compat/mcl/acl-mp: Apply portability patch from Gary Byers
	to fix filesys-inode for linux
2004-09-24  Kevin Rosenberg <kevin@rosenberg.net>
	* acl-compat/sbcl/acl-mp.lisp: Apply patch from Gabor Melis
	to fix type [portableaserve-discuss@lists.sourceforge.net].
2004-08-31  Kevin Rosenberg <kevin@rosenberg.net>
	* Fix ipaddr-to-hostname for SBCL
	* Fix for request-query-value for SBCL
2004-08-30  Kevin Rosenberg <kevin@rosenberg.net>
        * Fixes for compilation on SBCL
	* Add support for :cookie-domain for webactions
2004-08-04  Kevin Rosenberg <kevin@rosenberg.net>
	* Commit patch from Chaskiel M Grundman <cg2v@andrew.cmu.edu>
	for better Allegro support
2004-06-09  Kevin Rosenberg <kevin@rosenberg.net>
	* Commit patch from Nick Levin addressing compilation on Lispworks
2004-04-26  Kevin Rosenberg <kevin@rosenberg.net>
        * aserve/webactions: Commit patch, with modifications, from
	Ivan Toshkov
	* aserve/load.cl: Add implemenatation of compile-file-if-needed

2004-02-16  Rudi Schlatte  <rudi@constantly.at>

	* libs/cl-ppcre/: Import Edi Weitz's cl-ppcre library.

	* INSTALL.lisp: load it.
	* aserve/test/t-aserve.cl (test-publish-directory): Correct
	directory regexp (put some more leaning toothpicks in)

	* aserve/main.cl: Remove meta-based date-to-universal-time
	function; the shiny new match-regexp can handle these expressions.

2004-02-08  Rudi Schlatte  <rudi@constantly.at>

	* aserve/webactions/webact.cl, aserve/webactions/clpage.cl,
	aserve/test/t-aserve.cl, aserve/proxy.cl, aserve/main.cl,
	aserve/log.cl, aserve/chat.cl, aserve/client.cl, aserve/cgi.cl:
	Use package puri throughout.

	* INSTALL.lisp: Removed warnings for loading the provided-by-us
	versions of asdf et al.  Load puri library before acl-compat.
	Remove MCL-specific handling.

2004-01-27  Rudi Schlatte  <rudi@constantly.at>

	* INSTALL.lisp: clean up a bit, merge sbcl, cmu and lispworks
	loading code.

	* Replaced package prefix excl: with acl-compat.excl: throughout.
	* aserve/main.cl (connection-reset-error): Hackishly implement for
	OpenMCL and conditionalize allegro-specific function call -- this
	should fix stray hangs (caused by threads wanting to enter the
	debugger) on all platforms.

2004-01-21  Rudi Schlatte  <rudi@constantly.at>

	* contrib/asdf.lisp: New upstream version.

2004-01-11  Rudi Schlatte  <rudi@constantly.at>

	* aserve/cgi.cl: Frob package references to acl-compat ones.

	* aserve/main.cl: Added setuid / setgid for sbcl.

2003-12-02  Rudi Schlatte  <rudi@constantly.at>

	* Update to upstream version 1.2.33

2003-12-01  Rudi Schlatte  <rudi@constantly.at>

	* aserve/log.cl (log-request): Don't output request string via format.

2003-11-27  Rudi Schlatte  <rudi@constantly.at>

	* aserve/test/t-aserve.cl: Don't assume that long-site-name
	returns a FQDN; better fixes than just using "localhost" welcome
	(but these will be implementation-specific, I fear...)

2003-11-06  Rudi Schlatte  <rudi@constantly.at>

	* aserve/htmlgen/htmlgen.cl (html-standard-print): Fix bug
	reported by Sean Ross to portableaserve-help (2003-11-06): output
	the closing tags to the given stream, not standard-output

2003-08-31  Rudi Schlatte  <rudi@constantly.at>

	* aserve/test/t-aserve.cl: First steps for activating test code,
	using kmr's port of Franz's tester

2003-04-27  Rudi Schlatte  <rudi@constantly.at>

	* aserve/parse.cl (read-headers-into-buffer): (Finally) merge
	debug code fix from Walter C. Pelissero

2003-04-02  Rudi Schlatte  <rudi@constantly.at>

	* aserve/example.cl: Prettified aserve/example.cl: make sensible
	start-server, start-simple-server functions (Allegro's original
	examples are in aserve/examples/ nowadays)

2003-03-24  Rudi Schlatte  <rudi@constantly.at>

	* aserve/client.cl (do-http-request): Restore :format :text
	behavior (broke this last summer.. sorrysorrybowbow)

2003-02-28  Rudi Schlatte  <rudi@constantly.at>

	* INSTALL.lisp: Support sbcl 0.7.13 single-threaded

2002-07-19  Rudi Schlatte  <rudi@constantly.at>

	* contrib/lsp.lisp (Module): Lisp Server Pages, contributed by
	John Wiseman via http://lemonodor.com/archives/000128.html

	* contrib/session.lisp (Module): Session support, contributed by
	Brendan Burns to Franz's opensource list

2002-07-07  Rudi Schlatte  <rudi@constantly.at>

* cmucl version now uses asdf instead of mk-defsystem:

** Added directory contrib, contrib/asdf.lisp

** Added acl-compat/acl-compat.asd, aserve/aserve.asd,
   aserve/htmlgen/htmlgen.asd (thanks to David Lichteblau for the asd

** Updated README.cmucl, README

* Changed client.cl to use http/1.0 (Remember to revert this when chunking
  is implemented!) (Thanks to David Lichteblau for bug report & patch)

Changes in Portable AllegroServe 1.2.5a (2001-08-30)
- Chunking implemented for Lispworks.
- Fixed problem in Lispworks port with accepting too many connections
  (and consequently running out of file descriptors) under heavy load.
- Incorporated changes in AllegroServe between versions 1.2.3 and 1.2.5.

Changes in Portable AServe 1.2.3b (09.08.2001)
- Fixed bug with POST requests
- General code cleanup
- implemented some missing ACL-COMPAT functions

Changes in AServe for LW 1.2.3a (06.08.2001)
- Rudolf Schlatte's changes for supporting CMUCL
- Several critical bugs fixed (like the lockup of worker-threads
  that occured on higher load).
  (Thanks go to Vebjorn Ljosa for finding and fixing this and other
   critical bugs)
- Updated Portable AllegroServe to the changes in Franz AllegroServe 1.2.3

Changes in AServe for LW 1.1.41b (02.06.2001)
- Fixed reloading of pages
  Wade Humeniuk kindly contributed a DATE-TO-UNIVERSAL-TIME
  function that doesn't use MATCH-REGEXP.

Changes in ACL-COMPAT (02.06.2001)
- MATCH-REGEXP got a Keyword argument :return
- Much improved MP:WITH-TIMEOUT using LispWorks timers and not 
  a new process for each timer.	
- Fixed a bug in scan-macros.lisp where complementing of charsets
  did not really work.