McCLIM 0.9.2 "Laetare Sunday"

This is McCLIM, an implementation of the "Common Lisp Interface
Manager CLIM II Specification." It currently works on X Windows using
CLX. It works with CMUCL, SBCL, CLISP, OpenMCL, Allegro CL, LispWorks,
and the Scieneer CL.

The INSTALL files in this directory give instructions for each Lisp
implementation. Release notes for each release of McCLIM are in the
ReleaseNotes directory.

The other directories of interest are:

Doc - the start of a manual

Apps - sample applications. This includes:
Apps/Debugger - Peter Mechleborg's debugger (similar to SLIME's)
Apps/Functional-Geometry - Frank Buss and Rainer Joswig's functional
                geometry package for drawing "Escher" tiles.
Apps/Inspector - Robert Strandh's inspector (similar to SLIME's)
Apps/Listener - Andy Hefner's incredibly cool Lisp listener
Apps/Scigraph - BBN's graphing package, currently not quite working

Examples - Small examples from the Net or written by the McCLIM
developers. These are of varying quality and style; many of them date
from a time when McCLIM was quite incomplete. In rough order of
relevance they are:

address-book - the canonical CLIM application
clim-fig - a drawing program
postscript-test - shows off the CLIM PostScript stream
gadget-test - fun with CLIM gadgets
calculator - a gadget-based calculator
goatee-test - Hacks with Goatee, the Emacs-like editor used in McCLIM

Spec - The LaTeX source to the CLIM specification.

Please send bug reports and comments to