Sat Oct  6 13:05:41 2007

Changed the way virtual host dispatch happens such that functions are
no longer called with (request vhost) args, but rather just (request),
as is done with standard hunchentoot dispatch functions. However, some
of the dispatchers (perhaps incorrectly? look at the easy handlers
here!) want access to the vhost argument, so we squirrel it away in a
special variable, *virtual-host* that will be properly set in the
dynamic contour of the given request.

The upshot of this is that the
create-virtual-host-folder-dispatcher-and-handler goes away and can
just use the standard hunchentoot create-folder-dispatcher-and-handler
function and this will be associated with just the virtual-host by
placing the dispatcher in the hunchentoot-vhost::dispatch-table of the
vhost instead of the global (or per-server) dispatch-table.