Lisp music notation formatter
See file "COPYING" for terms of use and distribution.

Fomus is alpha software, and still has a lot of testing and bug fixing to go 
before all of its features are useable.  Not all features that appear in the 
documentation are implemented or working yet.

The program is available via anonymous CVS.  To download it, type the following:

    cd path_to_install_directory
    cvs -z3 -d co fomus

See the file "fomus.html" in the doc directory for instructions on how to use 
the program.  The following command loads FOMUS into lisp:

    (load "path_to_fomus_directory/load.lisp")
    (use-package :fm)

The program is being developed in CMUCL, but should also compile in SBCL and 
OpenMCL.  It will eventually run in Allegro Common Lisp and CLISP.

If you wish to report a bug, make FOMUS generate a debug file (the default 
filename is "/tmp/fomus.dbg") and send it to dpsenick(at)uiuc(dot)edu.  See the 
DEBUG-FILENAME setting in the FOMUS documentation for more information.