Installing as an Executable

The script file can be run at a UNIX command prompt to install FOMUS as a command-line executable program. Right now this can only be done with SBCL, CMUCL, CLISP and OpenMCL in UNIX (it's been tested in OS X and Linux).

Type the following to get a list of installation options:

Example 2.5. Running the Installation Script 1

cd path_to_install_directory
./ --help

By default, the script tries to install the program into the subdirectories in /usr/local. The commands for a default installation using SBCL would look like this:

Example 2.6. Running the Installation Script 2

su -
cd path_to_install_directory
./ --sbcl

There is also an option for uninstalling. To see how to run FOMUS as an executable, see Command Line Interface and Text File Interface.