Fixed a bug where spanners of certain types might cause errors (or SBCL to hang and eventually barf)
	Also added a :DETACHED option for text marks (it will break LilyPond compiling, though, unless you override LilyPond's text markup strings)
	Added :NOPOS option to text marks (can specify :UP, :DOWN or :NOPOS now)

	CLISP/filename annoyances fixed
	CLISP/LilyPond fix
	Fixed user-specified staves conflicting with voice assignments (need to test further)

	Chunks examples
	Work on chunks

	Improvements to spanners
	Some documentation that can be called up by the Lisp DOCUMENTATION function
	:STAFF, :STARTSTAFF-, :STAFF-, :ENDSTAFF- marks to override staff choices

	Fixed weird OpenMCL compiling error (caused by SLIME?)
	Lilypond 2.10 tuplet style fix (Anders)

	Fixed tuplet note values when they span an irregular number of beats (6:5, 8:7, etc.)

	Fixed XML adding redundant clef at beginning of output
	Fixed measure rests bug in XML output (caused SBCL to hang)

	Fixed instrument names and abbreviations in LilyPond 2.10
	Remove newlines from notetexts, etc..
	Auto set timesig COMP slot to t for appropriate time signatures (6/8, etc.)
	Fix for textnotes in LilyPond (Kilian)
	Changed maximum tuplet size to more reasonable number

	Fixed bug where key signature algorithm was choking on rests

	Fixed small quantizing bug created in 0.2.12 (FOMUS occasionally couldn't find tuplets)

	Fixed inability to find LilyPond 2.10 executable

	Eliminated annoying messages

	Fixed another dumb error in accidentals (choked on empty parts)

	Efficiency tweaks
	Fixed a dumb error in accidentals created in v0.2.15

	Updated script

	Fix in MIDI backend for instruments that don't have a MIDI program change number (defaults to 0)
	Support for key signatures finished (auto-accidentals algorithm takes key signature into account)--some testing/tweaking probably still needed

	Fixed errors w/ compiling/loading modules

	Some module-compiling/loading enhancements w/ ASDF (Kilian)
	Fixed huge performance bottleneck noticeable especially in OpenMCL--now runs at least 30x faster in OpenMCL and slightly faster in other Lisps
	      (small tweak in quantize function was all that was needed)
	Changed "plugins" to "modules" everywhere (seems to be a better name for them)

	Fixed some spanner bugs
	Timedump backend module

	Squashed a few bugs
	:NOTES keyword in .fms files for specifying chords
	AUTO-DYN-NODUP setting and cleaning repeated dynamic marks (more user control to be added)
	OFF tags in .fms file for shifting offsets over sections of file
	FOMUS uses ASDF (and ASDF-Binary-Locations) to determine where module .fasl files are placed
	Changed some setting names
	Fixed LilyPond backend bug involving alternate noteheads and grace notes
	Added MARKS slot to percussion instrument definition
	Added some more LilyPond settings
	Straightened out deffomusmodule and made it look more like defpackage
	Fixed bug with beaming in compound meters

	Fixed a modules bug (deffomusmodule macro)
	Fixed bug where automatically generated timesigs copied unwanted properties (ie. specified barlines) from neighboring timesigs

	Grace notes can have floating point durations
	:IGNORE mark can be used repeatedly
	INPUT-OFFSET setting (shift events before processing)
	Fixed minor bug in post-processing w/ voices and grace notes

	.fms file load errors now show entry number and line where error occurred
	Load-on-demand modules for accidentals, voices, staves/clefs, splitrules and backends
	Added :IGNORE mark (does nothing)
	Can compile command-line interface w/ CLISP
	(Experimental) Adaptive search (Kilian)
	(Experimental) Functionality for merging results of several fomus calls into one score (chunks)
	".fms" files may contain "\" characters for reading several lines as one line
	Improved command line interface (added some options)
	Fixed bugs

	Fixed small error with INSTR-MIDIPRGCH-EX slot when specifying an instrument with modifications

	Mid-measure clef changes in MusicXML

	Fixed bug with multiple marks on one note in MusicXML backend

	REGISTER-BACKENDS function (Kilian)--removed +title+ +version+ from callback arguments and exported these (David)
	Fixed more CLISP issues in Windows (viewing/compiling in LilyPond and CMN, finding executables)
	(:SIZE :SMALL) and (:SIZE :TINY) marks (not in backends yet)
	Fixed bug where harmonics weren't being spread over tied notes
	Fixed bug involving 8va symbols over single notes/chords
	Fixed harmonic/flageolet bug in LilyPond
	Part name fix in LilyPond and CMN backends (Kilian)

	CLISP port nearly (or maybe all) complete (errors with loop macros--still testing, haven't tested in Winblows yet)
	Can choose which backends to compile with or leave out of installation
	MIDI backend also takes a user callback function as its PLAY argument

	Fixed error with some clef signatures in LilyPond (ones with underscores)

	Version bump