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Femlisp - a Common Lisp FEM framework

Femlisp is a FEM (finite element method) framework for the solution of
partial differential equations.  It is written entirely in Common Lisp
which allows for interactive use and a very high flexibility.

Femlisp is licensed under a liberal BSD style license, see the file
'LICENSE' in the Femlisp main directory.

Installation instructions can be found in the section `Installation' of the
Femlisp reference manual.  This reference manual can be generated by
issuing the shell command "make" in the directory femlisp/doc.

Femlisp's homepage is <http://www.femlisp.org>.

Enjoy using Femlisp!

   Nicolas Neuss.


   Nicolas Neuss
   Institute for Applied and Numerical Mathematics
   University Karlsruhe
   Engler Strasse 2
   76128 Karlsruhe (Germany)

   Email: neuss at femlisp.org