-*- outline -*-

* Anatomy of the tarball

The Declt distribution has the following shape:

./src/		;; source directory
./doc/		;; documentation

* Building

** Edit Makefile.cnf if needed
In fact, threre is nothing to build, technically, but you may still want to
tweak some settings there. All make targets from the toplevel propagate to the

* Installing

** Type "make install" from the toplevel directory
This installs the ASDF system file to the desired location.

* Building and installing the documentation
Declt can generate its own reference manual, although this should be done only
after having installed it properly. That is why the reference manual is not
built by default.

After typing "make install" do the following to build and install the
reference manual:

1/ Edit doc/generate.sh if asdf:*central-registery* needs tweaking.

2/ Type:
cd doc
make ref
make install-ref

By default, documentation is built in info, PDF and HTML formats. If you want
other formats (DVI and PostScript are available), type "make all-formats". You
can also type individually "make dvi" and/or "make ps" in order to get the
corresponding format.

Finally, "make ref" also generates a "web" version of the reference manual
Texinfo source called decltweb.texi (see *link-files* for an explanation). If
you want to compare this version and the standard one, you can typeset the web
versions using "make pdfweb" and "make htmlweb".

* Uninstalling

Type "make uninstall".

* Usage

Declt has a single entry point which is the DECLT function. See the docstring
for an explanation.