Details of changes since R5:

NOTE: this file is not updated any more.  Changes since checking into
version control can be found from darcs in some way shape or form.
There may however be some Dark Ages between when this file was last
updated and the version that was the initial version control checkin.

Changes in CLX 5.02:


Fix a declaration in the DEFINE-ERROR macro.

Quote type argument to TYPE-CHECK consistently.

Changes in CLX 5.01:

Support for MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 authorization has been added.

All VALUES declarations have been changed to CLX-VALUES declarations.
VALUES is a CL type name and cannot be used as a declaration name.

All ARRAY-REGISTER declarations have been removed as Genera no longer
needs them.

Many type declarations have been corrected or tightened up now that some
Lisps look at them.

Print functions have been defined for bitmap and pixmap formats.

The DISPLAY-PLIST slot will be initialized to NIL.

When debugging, don't optimize SPEED in the buffer macros.

Make the CARD8<->CHAR and the window manager code work for sparse
character sets (where some codes do not have corresponding characters).

The default gcontext extension set and copy functions will take the
correct number of arguments.

PUT-IMAGE will now work for 24-bit images.

The buffer accessors for MEMBER8, etc., will use the standard mechanisms
for reporting type errors.

POINTER-CONTROL have been fixed.

Symbolics systems will do lazy macroexpansion in the buffer macros.

A variety of changes for Symbolics Minima systems have been made.

Some system-dependent code has been added for CMU Common Lisp.