Object Oriented Data Definition Language (OODDL)

The Object Oriented Data Definition Language (OODDL) provides access to relational SQL tables using Common Lisp Object System (CLOS) objects. SQL tables are mapped to CLOS objects with the SQL columns being mapped to slots of the CLOS object.

The mapping between SQL tables and CLOS objects is defined with the macro def-view-class. SQL tables are created with create-view-from-class and SQL tables can be deleted with drop-view-from-class.


The above functions refer to the Lisp view of the SQL table. This Lisp view should not be confused with SQL VIEW statement.

Table of Contents

STANDARD-DB-OBJECT — Superclass for all CLSQL View Classes.
*DEFAULT-STRING-LENGTH* — Default length of SQL strings.
CREATE-VIEW-FROM-CLASS — Create a SQL table from a View Class.
DEF-VIEW-CLASS — Defines CLOS classes with mapping to SQL database.
DROP-VIEW-FROM-CLASS — Delete table from SQL database.
LIST-CLASSES — List classes for tables in SQL database.