CLSQL Condition System

CLSQL provides and uses a condition system in which all errors and warnings are of type sql-condition. This section describes the various subclasses of sql-condition defined by CLSQL. Details are also provided for how they are used in CLSQL and intended to be signalled in user code. Finally, slot accessors for some of the condition types are described.

Table of Contents

*BACKEND-WARNING-BEHAVIOR* — Controls behaviour on warnings from underlying RDBMS.
SQL-CONDITION — the super-type of all CLSQL-specific conditions
SQL-ERROR — the super-type of all CLSQL-specific errors
SQL-WARNING — the super-type of all CLSQL-specific warnings
SQL-DATABASE-WARNING — Used to warn while accessing a CLSQL database.
SQL-USER-ERROR — condition representing errors because of invalid parameters from the library user.
SQL-DATABASE-ERROR — condition representing errors during query or command execution
SQL-CONNECTION-ERROR — condition representing errors during connection
SQL-DATABASE-DATA-ERROR — Used to signal an error with the SQL data passed to a database.
SQL-TEMPORARY-ERROR — Used to signal a temporary error in the database backend.
SQL-TIMEOUT-ERROR — condition representing errors when a connection times out.
SQL-FATAL-ERROR — condition representing a fatal error in a database connection