- Switched to using a structure to hold the database connection
    information that was previously contained in special
    variables. The structure is itself now a single special variable
    called *db*

  - Added support for stand-alone attachements

  - Added get-couchdb-info for getting CouchDb server information,
    previously this was available via get-db-info when no DB was

  - Added database compaction support with the function compact-db

  - Added replication support with the replicate function

  - Added all-docs-by-seq function

  - Changed delete-document to take a required parameter which is
    either the document ID or the document, removed the keyword
    parameters :id and :document.

  - Updated various functions to use recently added CouchDb

     - added all-or-nothing parameter



  - Views now use the new map/reduce/emit style JavaScript definitions
    of CouchDb 0.8+.
  - Added create-ps-view function and ps-view macro to help build the
    new views
  - Added document-update-fn and document-fetch-fn documentation.
  - Added compact-db function


  - View functions now work with complex key types, e.g.
    (invoke-view "foo" "bar" :key '("kipple" "bark"))
  - Updated docs to reflect change described above
  - Fixed other doc inaccuracies having to do with cl-json/case
    encoding related changes.


  - Function set-document-property now operates non-destructively, be
    sure existing code is using use function's result.
  - Added function query-document to make it easier to extract the
    interesting portions of complex documents. Inspired by xpath style
  - Added hooks to intercept document fetching and updating/creating.

  - Copied and modified cl-json encoding functions to better handle
    conversion of lisp associative lists to json data types.
  - Updated documentation to recommend using only keyword symbols for
    field names. 
  - Export 

  - Finally fixed utf-8 encoding bug for document contents
  - Revised document ID encoding to 1) Support utf-8 characters
  properly, and 2) Encode spaces using %20 instead of +
  - Updated documentation relating to document API

  - Encode all URL parameters properly, this fixes issues reported by
  Daniel Farina having to do with the inability to use leagal
  characters in document IDs.
  - Error handling for (post-document)


  - Fixed ad-hoc-view and invoke-view functions so that they now use
    all CouchDb view options
  - Added generic keyword parameter to URL parameter translation code
  - Changed default CouchDb port to IANA assigned 5984 
  - Added more comments


  - Changed 'scheme' parameter of set-connection to 'protocol'
  - Changed if-exists key parameter to (delete-db) to if-missing
  - Changed (delete-document) to accept :document or :id and optionally :revision 
  - Added document-missing condition to exported symbols
  - Added :report functions to some conditions
  - Added documentation (doc/index.html) and style sheet
  - Updated unit tests for API changes


  - Fixed bulk document updates (bulk-document-update)


 - Initial release