2011-04-17  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-pack.lisp (move-frame-constrained)
	(resize-frame-constrained): New function. Move and resize frame
	with the mouse constrained by other frame brothers.

2011-04-14  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (with-movement-select-next-brother)
	(with-movement-select-next-child): Use a simple method (do not
	enter in the circulate mode) to allow to circulate in all children
	or brothers.

	* src/clfswm-menu.lisp (open-menu): Save info hash table keys
	instead of deleting newly created keys.

2011-03-21  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (x-px->fl, y-px->fl): Takes care of
	border size.

2011-03-20  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp (show-config-variable): call

2011-03-18  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-autodoc.lisp (produce-conf-var-doc-html): Produce a
	documentation for all configurable variables in CLFSWM -
	HTML version.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (leave-frame): Hide all children except
	the current window.

2011-03-16  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-autodoc.lisp (produce-all-docs): Produce a
	documentation for all configurable variables in CLFSWM.

	* src/clfswm-layout.lisp (set-gimp-layout): Display a notify
	window with the help on the GIMP layout.

2011-03-12  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/menu-def.lisp: Menu update to prevent cursor keys clash.

	* clfswm.asd: Change compilation order to prevent undefined

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (show-child(frame)): Handle properly
	the show-root-frame-p parameter.

2011-03-11  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (move-frame, resize-frame): Do not move or
	resize a frame when it's the current root.

2011-03-10  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (show-all-children): Handle properly
	duplicated child in multipe frames.

2011-03-09  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* contrib/volume-mode.lisp (set-default-volume-keys): Add more
	keybindings (up/down, right/left) to raise/lower the volume.

	* src/clfswm-layout.lisp: Add a variable border size for frames
	and windows.

2011-03-08  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (cut-current-child, remove-current-child)
	(delete-current-child): Hide the current child before doing the

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (show-all-children): Hide windows not
	in the current root before displaying those in current root.
	Remove all hide-all unnecessary calls.

	* src/clfswm-configuration.lisp (save-variables-in-conf-file):
	Save only variables with a different value than there original

2011-03-07  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp (show-config-variable): Use the new
	defconfig method.

	* src/clfswm-autodoc.lisp (produce-configuration-variables): Use
	the new defconfig method.

	* src/clfswm-configuration.lisp (create-configuration-menu):
	Change the config system with a more lispy one and a less string
	based one: (defconfig name value group doc).

2011-03-06  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (show-all-children): Simplify the
	selection method.
	(show-child): Display an unmanaged window whe  it's the current
	(show-all-children): add the ability to display all child from
	*root-frame* and hide all those who are not in *current-root*.
	-> remove hide-all-children when needed.

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (move-window,resize-window): Add a
	*color-move-window* border when moving or resizing a window.

2011-03-04  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (show-all-children): Perform only one
	recusion on the clfswm tree: calculate geometry and place child in
	one pass.

2011-03-03  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (show-all-children): Rethink of display
	child order to prevent very annoying flickering.

2011-02-27  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (query-yes-or-no): New function.

	* src/clfswm-configuration.lisp (reset-all-config-variables): New
	function and menu entry.
	(query-conf-value): Add the ability to leave the field blank to
	reset the variable to its default value.

2011-02-26  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-configuration.lisp
	(add-all-configuration-default-value): Add a default value to
	configurable variables.

2011-02-23  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm.lisp (main-unprotected): Create the configuration
	menu only once at startup.

2011-02-22  Desmond O. Chang <dochang@gmail.com>

	* contrib/amixer.lisp: Add a volume mode inspired by the emms
	volume package. Alsa mixer interface.

	* contrib/volume-mode.lisp: Add a volume mode inspired by the emms
	volume package.

2011-02-22 Desmond O. Chang <dochang@gmail.com>

	* src/clfswm.lisp (main): Use ASDF:SYSTEM-SOURCE-DIRECTORY instead
	of *LOAD-TRUENAME*. *LOAD-TRUENAME* is only bound during a call to
	LOAD. If one eval CLFSWM:MAIN in repl, BASE-DIR will be an empty
	string. Use ASDF:SYSTEM-SOURCE-DIRECTORY to fix it.

2011-02-16  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm.lisp (main-unprotected): Add a close hook. And close
	the notify window, the virtual keyboard and the clfswm terminal by

2011-02-15  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm.lisp (main-unprotected): Destroy the notify window
	before closing the display. This fix a bug when resetting/reloading

2011-02-12  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (equal-wm-class-fun, equal-wm-name-fun)
	(raise-window-fun, raise-and-focus-window-fun): New functions.

	* src/config.lisp (*clfswm-terminal-cmd*): Switch from xterm to
	(*never-managed-window-list*): Structure change to be more
	flexible. Let the choice to focus, raise and do nothing on never
	managed windows.

2011-02-09  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (mouse-focus-move/resize-generic): Take
	care of never managed windows to move or resize them if the raise
	parameter is true.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (in-frame, in-window, in-child): New

2011-02-08  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm.lisp (main-mode): Raise or not unmanaged windows
	following request in *never-managed-window-list*.

2011-02-05  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* *: **** Release 1102 ****

2011-02-05  Desmond O. Chang <dochang@gmail.com>

	* src/keysyms.lisp: Add extended keysyms from stumpwm.

2011-02-01  Desmond O. Chang <dochang@gmail.com>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (run-or-raise): New function (thanks to
	Desmond O. Chang).

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (with-all-*): add a nil block.

2011-01-28  Desmond O. Chang <dochang@gmail.com>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (xdg-config-home): XDG_CONFIG_HOME should
	be $HOME/.config by default.

2010-12-29  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* contrib/osd.lisp (display-doc): Add another method where a
	CLFSWM native window is used to display the key documentation.

2010-12-27  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (with-xlib-protect): Force to revert to the
	main mode state.

2010-12-25  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-second-mode.lisp (second-key-mode): Call the second
	mode leave function only when the generic mode was ended.

2010-12-08  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-second-mode.lisp (sm-leave-function): Do not use
	*second-mode-program* anymore.

2010-12-07  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-second-mode.lisp (*second-mode-leave-function*): New
	variable bound to a function executed (when not null) on second
	mode leaving.

2010-11-14  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (find-child-under-mouse): Do not find
	hidden windows.

2010-11-13  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-expose-mode.lisp (expose-mode-display-accel-windows):
	Do not display the accel window for unmanaged windows.

2010-11-11  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (set-current-root): Handle
	window-parent in set-current-root.

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (mouse-click-to-focus-generic): Do not
	focus the parent child when the current root is a window.

2010-11-09  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-expose-mode.lisp (expose-windows-current-child-mode):
	New function an bindings.

	* src/clfswm-layout.lisp (tile-layout, set-tile-layout): Fill
	blanks if needed.

2010-11-07  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-layout.lisp (tile-layout-ask-keep-position): New
	function to let the user choose to keep child position with
	tile layout.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (remove-frame-data-slot): New

2010-11-05  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (frame-select-next-child)
	(frame-select-previous-child): New functions and bindings. Select
	the next/previous child in the current frame.

2010-10-31  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-query.lisp (query-mode-complet): New function: Handle
	completion in query-mode.

2010-10-30  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-query.lisp (query-print-string): Handle long lines

2010-10-27  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-expose-mode.lisp (expose-create-window): Ensure that
	all characters are printable.

2010-10-25  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* contrib/server/server.lisp: Load clfswm client code in the main
	program and let the user start it with a --client command line

	* src/package.lisp (*main-entrance-hook*): New hook executed after
	loading configuration file and before opening the display.

2010-10-23  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/xlib-util.lisp: Remove unnecessary xlib:display-finish-output.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (show-child): Show window only if not

	* src/clfswm-keys.lisp (binding-substitute-modifier): Utility to
	change modifiers after binding definition.

2010-10-21  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* contrib/osd.lisp: New file: OSD (On Screen Display) for

	* src/clfswm-menu.lisp (open-menu): Modularise function.

2010-10-13  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp (show-first-aid-kit): Display the essential
	key binding in main and second mode.

2010-10-10  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (open-notify-window): Convert hello-window
	functions to a more generic Notify-window system.

	* src/tools.lisp (add-timer): Add an id to identify the timer.

2010-10-09  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/tools.lisp (erase-timer): New function.

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (display-hello-window): Add a timer to hide
	the hello window. Add Configuration variables.

2010-10-08  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (): Add an Hello window at startup.

	* src/tools.lisp (process-timers): Add a timer system.

2010-10-07  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-query.lisp (add-in-query-string): Handle correctly
	the mod-5 modifier.

2010-10-06  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-query.lisp (query-print-string): Change cursor color
	and show parenthesis matching with colors (on match and on

2010-10-05  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (show-all-children): Do not raise a
	child when its parent is hidden.

2010-10-02  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-circulate-mode.lisp (select-next-subchild): Add the
	possibility to circulate over subchild of the current child.

	* src/clfswm-expose-mode.lisp (expose-all-windows-mode)
	(expose-windows-generic): Add an escape-body function to return to
	the original state on escape key.

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (bind-on-slot): Add an optional parameter
	to bind the current child from the configuration file.

2010-10-01  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-nw-hooks.lisp (absorb-window-nw-hook): Absorb new
	window hook: the frame absorb all new windows that match
	nw-absorb-test frame data slot.

2010-09-30  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-expose-mode.lisp (expose-create-window): Show window
	title in accel window.

2010-09-29  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* configure: Use the Xavier Maillard clfswm script in contrib to
	build an executable in the standard way.

2010-09-26  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-expose-mode.lisp (expose-mode-display-accel-windows):
	New functions. Add a window on each child in the expose mode to
	quickly select them.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (child-x, child-y, child-width)
	(child-height): New methods to get real child coordinates.

2010-09-25  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-layout.lisp (*-layout): Use child-position.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (child-position): New function.

	* src/clfswm-expose-mode.lisp (expose-windows-mode)
	(expose-all-windows-mode): Use a generic mode.

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (with-handle-event-symbol): Use a filled list
	with handle-event-fun symbols instead of inspecting clfswm
	internals symbols on each mode change.

	* src/clfswm-expose-mode.lisp: Move and rename present*-windows in
	a separate clfswm-expose-mode.lisp file.

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (speed-mouse-right, speed-mouse-down): Use
	screen size instead of hardcoded test coordinates.

2010-09-24  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (speed-mouse-reset, speed-mouse-left)
	(speed-mouse-right, speed-mouse-up, speed-mouse-down)
	(speed-mouse-undo, speed-mouse-first-history): New functions to
	quickly move the mouse. Implemented for the second mode.

2010-09-16  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* contrib/clfswm: Move clfswm sources to $tmp_dir if there is no
	write permission on $clfswm_asd_path. So anybody can start clfswm
	even if there is no write permission on the source directory.

2010-09-12  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* contrib/clfswm: Add support to cmucl, ccl and ecl.

2010-09-11  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (set-hide-unmanaged-window)
	(set-show-unmanaged-window, set-default-hide-unmanaged-window):
	New functions and menu entry.
	(set-globally-show-unmanaged-window): New functions and menu

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (hide-unmanager-window-p): New
	(show-child): Add a data slot on frame to hide or not unmanaged

	* src/clfswm-corner.lisp (present-clfswm-terminal)
	(present-virtual-keyboard): Use a function (generic-present-body)
	instead of a macro (generate-present-body).

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (update-menus): List all directories and
	subdirectories in $XDG_DATA_DIRS/applications.

2010-09-10  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-corner.lisp (generate-present-body): New macro.
	(present-clfswm-terminal, present-virtual-keyboard): Use

2010-09-09  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (update-menus): Follow XDG specifications
	instead of the non-portable Debian update-menu.

2010-09-07  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm.lisp (error-handler): New function do handle
	asynchronous errors and ignore them.
	(open-display): Install the new error-handler on display.

2010-09-05  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (with-xlib-protect): Add a
	with-simple-restart on top of body execution.

2010-09-04  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm.lisp (main-loop): Protect all xlib functions with an

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (handle-event): use with-xlib-protect only in
	handle-event. Add a with-simple-restart to prevent a
	clisp/new-lisp infinite loop.

2010-08-30  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-corner.lisp (present-clfswm-terminal): Make the
	clfswm terminal working even on xterm title changes.

2010-08-29  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (run-other-window-manager): Update for
	clisp compatibility.

	* src/tools.lisp (do-execute): New parameter io to change the
	input/output method.

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (hide-current-child): Prevent from removing
	the current root.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (child-member): New predicate.
	(child-remove): New function.

	* src/*.lisp: Use child-member and child-remove everywhere it's

2010-08-28  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm.lisp (main-loop): Ensure that all events have been
	processed after a process-event.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (is-in-current-child-p): New function.

2010-08-27  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm.lisp (main-mode:configure-request): Raise the window
	only when present on the current child and focus it accordingly.

2010-08-26  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-circulate-mode.lisp (circulate-loop-function):
	Use is-a-key-pressed-p.

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (is-a-key-pressed-p): New predicate.

	* src/clfswm-keys.lisp (define-ungrab/grab): Use all values
	returned by xlib:keysym->keycodes.

	* src/*.lisp: Use the new child-equal-p to compare children. This
	prevent a bug with sbcl/cmucl when the standard equal function
	does not work with xlib:window.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (child-equal-p): New predicate.

2010-08-25  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-generic-mode.lisp (generic-mode): Use an
	xlib:event-listen before processing event with
	xlib:process-event. This prevent a bug with CLX threaded
	implementation like sbcl.

	* src/clfswm.lisp (main-loop): Use an xlib:event-listen before
	processing event with xlib:process-event. This prevent a bug with
	CLX threaded implementation like sbcl.

2010-08-17  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* contrib/server/key.lisp (ushell-sh): Add ccl and ecl support.

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (compress-motion-notify): Use a loop instead
	of an event-case.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (with-find-in-all-frames): New macro.
	(find-parent-frame, find-frame-window, find-frame-by-name)
	(find-frame-by-number): Use with-find-in-all-frames to search in
	frames in the right order.

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (mouse-click-to-focus-generic): Fix an
	unwanted flickering with unmanaged windows.

2010-08-16  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/package.lisp: Remove event handler hooks as they're not
	needed anymore (To replace them: use closure and define-handler).

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (move-window, resize-window)
	(wait-mouse-button-release): Use a generic mode.

	* src/*.lisp: Replace the case to handle event with a more (tricky)
	lispy  method which bind a function to each keywords associated
	to graphics events.

2010-07-23  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (delete-current-child): Invert bindings and
	menu entry between delete-current-child and remove-current-child.
	ie: Delete a child and its children in all frames by default.

2010-07-21  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/package.lisp: Add a placement configuration group.

	* src/binding*.lisp: Bind control+g to escape the current action
	like emacs.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp
	(delete-child-and-children-in-all-frames): New function and
	binding: Second mode - Control+Delete delete the current child and
	its children in all frames (ie: close the current child and its

2010-07-20  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (remove-child-in-frame): Do not destroy
	the frame window and the frame gc. Close a very annoying bug when
	cuting/pasting a frame or moving a child over frames with the

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (mouse-click-to-focus-generic): Redisplay
	all children in *current-root* after moving/resizing a frame.

2010-07-18  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (delete-focus-window)
	(destroy-focus-window): Remove child in parent frame before
	stopping it.

2010-07-16  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (identify-key): Add a timeout in
	(mouse-click-to-focus-generic): Use find-child-under-mouse instead
	of the window passed by xlib:process-event.

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (move-window, resize-window)
	(wait-mouse-button-release): Add a timeout in xlib:process-event.

2010-04-11  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (run-other-window-manager): Add the ability
	to launch an other window manager and to return to clfswm.

2010-03-18  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-layout.lisp (set-tile-space-layout): Set default
	to 1%.

2009-12-15  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm.lisp (main-loop): Add a *loop-hook* parameter and a
	loop timeout.

	* src/clfswm-generic-mode.lisp (generic-mode): Add a loop-hook
	parameter and a loop timeout.

2009-12-05  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm.lisp (main): Add an alternate configuration filename

	* load.lisp: Add a debuging code example.

2009-11-14  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-configuration.lisp (create-configuration-menu): New
	menu to configure all clfswm variables while clfswm is running.

2009-11-12  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (save-configuration-variables): New
	function to save all configuration variables in clfswmrc.

2009-11-11  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp (info-mode): Begining of mouse support in
	info mode.
	(set-default-info-keys): Add cursor key support in info mode.

2009-11-08  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* contrib/reboot-halt.lisp: Add a Suspend/Reboot/Halt menu in

	* src/clfswm.lisp (main): Add a read-conf-file-p parameter to
	prevent reading the configuration file (this may be useful to
	produce the original documentation without user modifications
	with the rc configuration file).

2009-11-07  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/bindings-second-mode.lisp (set-default-second-keys):
	Simplification of Escape key to close/kill/remove the focus window
	and unhide all windows.

	* src/bindings.lisp (set-default-main-keys): Simplification of
	Escape key to close/kill/remove the focus window and unhide all

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (ask-close/kill-current-window): Add remove
	focus and unhide all windows capabilities.

2009-10-10  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* contrib/mpd.lisp (start-gmpc): Add gmpc in the mpd menu.

2009-07-29  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-layout.lisp (tile-layout, tile-horizontal-layout):
	Keep child order and don't make unnecessary child movement.
	(one-column-layout, one-line-layout): New layouts.

2009-06-29  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* *: **** Release 0906 ****

	* contrib/cd-player.lisp: New file to handle the CD player.

	* contrib/xmms.lisp: New file to handle the xmms player.

2009-06-28  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-layout.lisp (set-no-layout-remember-size): New layout:
	Maximize windows in there frame - Leave frames to there	actual

	* src/bindings-second-mode.lisp (set-default-second-keys): Bind
	"o" on set-open-in-new-frame-in-parent-frame-nw-hook.

2009-06-27  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* contrib/keyb_fr.lisp: New file to handle an azerty keyboard.

2009-06-24  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* contrib/mpd.lisp: Use a standard menu.

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp: Use a standard menu for the help-menu.

2009-06-22  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* contrib/mpd.lisp: New file to handle the Music Player Daemon (MPD)

2009-06-19  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-autodoc.lisp (produce-doc, produce-doc-html): Minor
	number key cleanup.

2009-06-18  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/config.lisp (get-fullscreen-size):  One pixel adjustment

	* src/clfswm-placement.lisp (*-child-placement): One pixel
	adjustment (again).

2009-06-16  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-circulate-mode.lisp (draw-circulate-mode-window):
	Ensure that all characters are printable.

	* src/config.lisp (get-fullscreen-size): Adjust default fullscreen

	* src/clfswm-placement.lisp (*-child-placement): Adjust
	coordinates to one pixel in the current child.

2009-06-04  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-query.lisp (query-enter-function): Assign font before
	width and height calculation.

2009-06-03  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (banish-pointer): Use with-placement macro to
	bannish the pointer in an arbitrary place.

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp (info-mode): Use with-placement macro to
	place the info window in an arbitrary place.

	* src/clfswm-query.lisp (query-enter-function): Use with-placement
	macro to place the query window in an arbitrary place.

	* src/clfswm-placement.lisp: New file. Allow to place info windows
	or query windows on an arbitrary place. Allow to bannish the
	pointer on an arbitrary place.

2009-05-16  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-circulate-mode.lisp (reorder-child)
	(reorder-brother): Unfocus windows before reordering children or

2009-05-13  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-circulate-mode.lisp (reorder-brother): Ensure that
	the parent is a frame.

	* src/clfswm-second-mode.lisp (sm-handle-motion-notify): Handle
	motion with a default modifier.

	* src/clfswm.lisp (handle-motion-notify): Handle motion with a
	default modifier.

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp (info-mode): Handle motion with a default
	(info-mode): Optimization in loop function.

2009-05-10  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-circulate-mode.lisp (reorder-brother): Handle
	root-frame correctly.

	* clfswm.asd: Dependency fix for clfswm-generic-mode.

	* src/clfswm-circulate-mode.lisp (reorder-child)
	(reorder-brother): Handle empty frames.
	(reorder-brother): Redisplay only the parent frame of the  current

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (frame-toggle-maximize): Redisplay only the
	parent frame of the  current frame.

2009-05-09  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (frame-toggle-maximize): New function:
	Maximize/Unmaximize the current frame in its parent frame.

	* src/clfswm-layout.lisp (maximize-layout): New layout: Maximize
	windows and frames in there parent frame.

2009-05-05  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/*.lisp: Add support for Clozure Common Lisp (CCL).

	* src/clfswm-circulate-mode.lisp (reorder-child)
	(reorder-brother): Reinitialise on circulate type change
	child to brother or brother to child.

	* src/*.lisp (*): Use map-window instead of xlib:map-window. So
	calls xlib:display-finish-output on each map-request. So speed up
	the window display.

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (map-window): New function. Call
	xlib:display-finish-output on each map request.

2009-04-28  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-second-mode.lisp (sm-handle-motion-notify):
	Optimisation when drawing second mode window.

2009-04-27  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-circulate-mode.lisp (circulate-mode): Optimisation in
	window redraw.

2009-04-22  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (run-program-from-query-string): Launch
	command only with a return validation.

2009-04-22  Xavier Maillard  <xma@gnu.org>

	* src/clfswm-query.lisp (query-string): Use a generic mode.

2009-04-19  Xavier Maillard  <xma@gnu.org>

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp (info-mode): Use generic-mode for info-mode.

2009-04-18  Xavier Maillard  <xma@gnu.org>

	* src/clfswm-generic-mode.lisp (generic-mode): Add a generic mode
	to define all other modes.

2009-04-05  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/package.lisp (): Use *default-font-string* for all

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp (info-mode): Ensure integer windows size.

2009-02-17  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (null-size-window-p): Better check of null
	sized windows.

2009-02-14  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm.lisp (handle-map-request): Add a fix to manage
	correctly fullscreen windows (SDL particularly).

2008-12-20  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (get-color): Allocate colors only once -> fix
	a segfault with clisp/new-clx.

	* src/clfswm.lisp (handle-motion-notify): Add a	needed window

	* src/clfswm-second-mode.lisp (sm-handle-motion-notify): Add a
	needed window argument.

2008-10-30  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (wait-no-key-or-button-press)
	(wait-a-key-or-button-press): Check buttons press/release correctly"

2008-10-28  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/menu-def.lisp: Add children navigation menu in the movement
	menu (select next/previous child/brother/level).

2008-10-26  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	*  *: Rename 'sister' frame to 'brother' frame.

	* src/clfswm-keys.lisp (unalias-modifiers): Convert a modifier
	alias in a real modifier.

	* src/package.lisp (*modifier-alias*): New list of modifier alias
	For example: :alt is :mod-1, :numlock is :mod-2...

	* src/tools.lisp (remove-hook): New function.

	* src/clfswm-keys.lisp (with-capslock, without-capslock)
	(with-numlock, without-cnumlock): New functions.

2008-10-25  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp: Use the *binding-hook* to create info
	keys and mouse bindings.

	* src/bindings-second-mode.lisp: Use the *binding-hook* to create
	second keys and mouse bindings.

	* src/bindings.lisp: Use the *binding-hook* to create main keys
	and mouse bindings.

2008-10-10  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-menu.lisp (open-menu): Remember parent menu to undo
	menu opening.

2008-10-09  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/menu-def.lisp: Use a menu instead of a function for the
	standard menu.

2008-10-08  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (show-standard-menu): Display the standard
	menu from the 'update-menus' command.

2008-10-07  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-query.lisp (query-string): Do not ungrab keyboard if
	it's already grabbed.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (display-frame-info): Use configurable
	colors and fix a bug with background.
	(display-frame-info): Set window background when displaying info.

2008-10-06  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (my-character->keysyms): Use a macro to avoid
	warning with clisp/new-clx.

2008-10-04  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (jump-to-slot): Prevent to jump on a
	deleted child.

2008-09-23  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* *: **** Release 0809 ****

2008-09-23  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (ensure-unique-name): New function and menu
	(ensure-unique-number): New function and menu entry.

2008-09-22  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-nw-hooks.lisp (named-frame-nw-hook): New new window
	hook: open the next window in a named frame.
	(numbered-frame-nw-hook): New new window hook: open the next
	window in a numbered frame.

	* src/clfswm-query.lisp (query-string): Grab the keyboard in all
	cases. So query-string can be called even in the main mode.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (show-all-children): Do not raise a
	child by default => far less flickering.

2008-09-19  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/bindings-second-mode.lisp: Bind "t" to tile-current-frame.

	* src/menu-def.lisp: Change key binding for the CLFSWM menu

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (xgrab-pointer): Handle the case where cursor
	is nil. (workaround on some CLX implementation).

2008-09-12  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/menu-def.lisp: Add a menu to set a focus policy for all

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (set-focus-policy-generic-for-all)
	(all-frames-set-*-focus-policy): Set a focus policy for all

	* src/clfswm.lisp (handle-enter-notify): sloppy-select
	mode. Select a child and its parents on mouse over.

2008-09-03  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm.lisp (handle-enter-notify): Add a sloppy strict focus
	policy -> Sloppy focus only for windows in the current frame.
	(main-unprotected): Exit clfswm on init error (ie: when another
	window manager is running).

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (reset-clfswm): New function.

2008-09-02  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-menu.lisp (init-menu): New function.

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (reload-clfswm): New function to reload
	(exit-clfswm): Rename quit-clfswm to exit-clfswm.

	* src/clfswm.lisp (main, main-unprotected): Handle error in a
	superior main function. Now CLFSWM can't break the X session. It
	just reinitialize the display and run a new main loop.

	* src/clfswm-corner.lisp: Make *clfswm-terminal* and
	*vt-keyboard-on* global to avoid warnings when loading clfswm.

	* src/clfswm-layout.lisp: Add a specific GIMP layout menu.
	(help-on-gimp-layout): Describe how to use the GIMP layout.

2008-09-01  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-layout.lisp (set-gimp-layout): Change the layout to
	main-window-right-layout. Change the keybinding for (shift)alt+tab
	to not select windows in the main window lisst.
	Bind F8 to add a window in the main window list.
	Bind F9 to remove a window in the main window list.
	Change the focus policy to :sloppy.
	(set-previous-layout): Restore the previous layout, keybinding and
	focus policy.

2008-08-31  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-menu.lisp (add-menu-comment): Add comments in menu.

	* src/clfswm-layout.lisp (main-window-left-layout)
	(main-window-bottom-layout, main-window-top-layout): New
	Factorize layouts in menu.

2008-08-30  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-layout.lisp (main-window-right-layout): A possible
	GIMP layout: one or more main windows on one side of the
	frame. Others on the other size.

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp
	(current-frame-set-click/sloppy-focus-policy): Each frame can have
	a different focus policy (one of :click or :sloppy).
	The default focus policy is set with *default-focus-policy*.

2008-08-23  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp (show-config-variable): New function.

2008-08-19  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-layout.lisp (tile-horizontal-layout): New layout.

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp: Colored help for key binding and corners

2008-08-18  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (delete-focus-window)
	(destroy-focus-window): Remove chid only in
	handle-unmap/destroy-notify. Focus *current-root* only when
	closing/killing the current child.

	* src/clfswm-autodoc.lisp (produce-corner-*-doc): New autodoc
	functions or corners.

2008-08-17  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-corner.lisp (present-clfswm-terminal): New corner
	action: Hide/Unhide a terminal on mouse corner action. (By default
	right mouse button on the top left corner).

	* src/config.lisp (*never-managed-window-list*): New config

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (never-managed-window-p): New function:
	Handle never managed window in a more simple way.

	* src/clfswm-corner.lisp: New file and new and more simple method
	to define corners actions.

2008-08-15  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp (info-mode): Info line can now be colored.

	* src/clfswm-layout.lisp (fast-layout-switch)
	(define-fast-layout-switch): New functions: Switch between two

	* src/clfswm-second-mode.lisp (leave-second-mode): Takes care if
	really in the second mode. So leave-second-mode can be used even
	in the main mode.

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (switch-to-last-child): New function:
	Store the current child and switch to the previous one.

2008-07-16  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (display-current-window-info): Display the
	window id.
	(have-to-present-virtual-keyboard): Add a virtual keyboard corner
	(top right by default). By default 'xvkbd' is used.

2008-06-28  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (move-window, resize-window): Compress motion

	* src/clfswm.lisp (handle-motion-notify): Compress motion events.

	* src/clfswm-second-mode.lisp (sm-handle-motion-notify): Compress
	motion events.

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp (info-mode): Compress motion events.

2008-06-21  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (show-all-children): Compute geometry
	and selection first and then show only necessary children.
	(show-child): remove unneeded display-p parameter.

	* src/config.lisp (get-fullscreen-size): Place the frame border
	outside the screen (this prevent the loose of 2 pixels per
	directions :)

2008-06-12  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (focus-child): Algorithm change to
	raise only the selected child.

2008-06-08  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (raise-p-list, show-all-children):
	Raise only viewable children.

2008-06-06  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (show-all-children): Always raise all
	displayed children. Remove all references to raise-p.

2008-06-04  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/menu-def.lisp (child-menu): New menu entry on raise/lower
	child in its frame.

	* src/bindings-second-mode.lisp ("Page_Down", "Page_Up"): New
	second mode binding on raise/lower child in its frame.

	* src/clfswm-nw-hooks.lisp (leave-focus-frame-nw-hook): Adapt
	behaviour to the new raise/lower property.
	Call clear-nw-hook before the rest of the hook.

	* src/bindings.lisp (mouse-click-to-focus-and-move-window)
	(mouse-click-to-focus-and-resize-window): Stop button event. This
	prevent a keyboard/pointer freeze.

2008-06-03  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (frame-lower-child)
	(frame-raise-child): New functions to raise/lower a child in its

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (have-to-present-windows)
	(have-to-present-all-windows): New functions to have an MaxOS
	expose like on mouse click in screen corner.

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp ("Page_Down", "Page_Up"): Add boundaries.

2008-05-30  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (unhide-a-child-from-all-frames): Unhide a
	child from a choice in all frames with hidden children.

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp (info-mode-menu): Handle separators.

2008-05-28  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (hide-current-child, unhide-a-child)
	(unhide-all-children): New functions.

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp (info-mode-menu): Handle symbols and

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (hide/show-frame-window): new function and
	menu item.

2008-05-23  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (rename-current-child): Do not display the
	frame info for a window.

2008-05-20  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (remove-child-in-frame): Destroy the
	frame window for the removed child and its children.

2008-05-18  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-autodoc.lisp (produce-*-doc-*): Add a note to use the
	autodoc functions.

2008-05-17  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-nw-hooks.lisp (default-frame-nw-hook): Do not handle
	the ROX pinboard (ie: leave it lowered in the root window as

	* src/clfswm-layout.lisp (tile-left-space-layout): New layout.
	(tile-left-layout, tile-right-layout, tile-top-layout)
	(tile-bottom-layout): Use all the frame space when there is only
	one child.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (place-window-from-hints): Center
	unmanaged windows in the root screen.

	* src/clfswm-nw-hooks.lisp (clear-nw-hook, clear-all-nw-hooks):
	new functions.

2008-05-15  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (current-frame-manage-window-type): Fix a
	typo in managed types.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (show-child): Always display frame info
	even if the frame is hidden.

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (resize-window): Use a better algorithme to
	resize windows.

2008-05-13  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (with-movement): Display frame info for all
	frames in current root.

2008-05-12  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/*.lisp: Rename 'brother' frames to 'sister' frames.

	* src/bindings-second-mode.lisp (define-second-key #\a): New
	binding on 'add-default-frame'.

	* src/clfswm-autodoc.lisp (produce-*-doc-*-in-file): Show a
	message to follow the autodocumentation process.

2008-05-10  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (bind-or-jump): Bind "Tab", "Return" and
	"Space" to jump to a child. "B" to bind a slot on the current

	* src/bindings-second-mode.lisp: Use "Tab" instead of

2008-05-07  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (find-child-under-mouse): Take care of
	unmanaged (hidden) windows.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (place-window-from-hints): Give a
	minimal size for windows.
	(with-all-windows-frames-and-parent): New function.

	* src/config.lisp (*default-window-width/height*): New parameters.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (place-window-from-hints): Center
	windows in the screen instead of in there frame.

	* src/bindings-second-mode.lisp (tile-space-current-frame): New
	binding on C-t.

	* src/clfswm-layout.lisp (register-layout): Intern the once name
	in the right package.

2008-05-05  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* doc/dot-clfswmrc: Update to  follow the new clfswm way.

2008-05-03  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (set-current-child)
	(adapt-child-to-parent, show-child, hide-child): Handle the case
	where child is not a frame or a window.

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp
	Check if child is a frame.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (managed-window-p): Handle the case
	where frame is null.
	(place-frame): Check if frame and parent are frames.

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp (info-mode): display all frame info before

	* src/clfswm-second-mode.lisp (second-key-mode): display all frame
	info before leaving.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (display-all-frame-info): New function.

2008-05-02  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/tools.lisp (getenv): Implemented for ECL.
	(urun-prog): Implemented for ECL.

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (identify-key): Use a double buffer to
	display text.

	* src/clfswm-query.lisp (query-string): Use a double buffer to
	display text.

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp (draw-info-window): Use a double buffer to
	display text.

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (clear-pixmap-buffer, copy-pixmap-buffer):
	New functions.

2008-05-01  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp (info-mode): Add boundaries in the info mode window.

	* src/menu-def.lisp: New file: move all menu definition in

	* src/clfswm-layout.lisp (register-layout): Use a function instead
	of a macro.

2008-04-30  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-autodoc.lisp (produce-menu-doc,
	(produce-menu-doc-html): New functions.
	(produce-doc-*): Moved to clfswm-autodoc.lisp.

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (paste-selection-no-clear): Prevent to
	paste a child on one of its own children. (this prevent a
	recursive bug).
	(move-child-to): Rename move/copy-current-child-by to
	(mouse-move-window-over-frame): New function to move the window
	under the mouse cursor to another frame.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (find-child-in-parent): New function.

2008-04-29  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (show-all-children): Display unmanaged
	windows only when its window parent is the current child.

2008-04-28  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (manage-current-window)
	(unmanage-current-window): New functions: Allow to force to manage
	or unmanage a window by its parent frame.

	* src/bindings-second-mode.lisp (#\o): binded to
	set-open-in-new-frame-in-parent-frame-nw-hook and
	(#\o :control) to set-open-in-new-frame-in-root-frame-nw-hook

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (with-current-window): New macro.

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (move-window, resize-window): Remove uneeded
	exposure and enter-window handle event.

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (move-frame, resize-frame): Show all
	children for the current child after the move/resize.

2008-04-27  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (resize-window): Take care of window size

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (mouse-focus-move/resize-generic): Allow to
	move/resize unmanaged windows.

	* src/xlib-util.lisp (move-window, resize-window): New functions.

2008-04-25  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (current-frame-manage-window-type): Let the
	user choose what window type the current frame must handle.
	(display-current-window-info): New function.
	(current-frame-manage-no-window-type): New functions.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (managed-window-p): New function.

	* src/package.lisp (frame): Managed type: new frame
	parameter. This allow to choose what window type a frame must

	* src/*.lisp: Rename all 'father' occurrences to 'parent'.

	* src/clfswm-nw-hooks.lisp
	(open-in-new-frame-in-parent-frame-nw-hook): New new window hook.

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (adapt-current-frame-to-window-hints): New

	* src/tools.lisp (ensure-printable): Return always a string even
	with a null string.

2008-04-24  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/config.lisp (*default-nw-hook*): New variable to change the
	default new window hook.

2008-04-22  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm.asd (clfswm): Add a dependency from
	clfswm-second-mode.lisp to clfswm.lisp.

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (identify-key): Show the documentation for
	the function bound on a key.
	(with-movement): Move with-movement,
	current-frame-fill/pack/resize-*  from bindings-second-mode.lisp
	to clfswm-util.lisp.

	* src/clfswm-menu.lisp: New menu system that let user change keys
	or functions associated to keys.

2008-04-18  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (show-all-children): Display-child is
	the first child by default. Solve a bug with father-p.

2008-04-17  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (add-frame): Add frame return the
	created frame.
	(show-all-children): Move the size computation outside the
	show-child part.

	* src/bindings-second-mode.lisp (with-movement): Redisplay only
	the current child.

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (mouse-click-to-focus-generic): Redisplay
	only the current child.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (show-all-children): New display-child
	parameter to display only the desired child and its children.
	(select-next/previous-child): Only display the current child.

2008-04-14  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm.lisp (init-display): Move the default frame creation
	on the default init hook.

	* src/clfswm-keys.lisp (define-ungrab/grab): Handle all keysyms in
	the main mode (for example: "1" on an azerty keyboard).

2008-04-13  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-keys.lisp (find-key-from-code): Better handle of
	keysyms. Revert to old grabbing method for the main mode.

2008-04-12  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm.lisp (init-display): Add key handling on no focus
	window and on frame windows.

2008-04-11  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm.lisp (main): Keyboard handle strategie change: Grab
	all keys by default and replay just what is needed. No change for
	the second mode.

	* src/clfswm-keys.lisp: remove grab/ungrab main keys.
	(find-key-from-code): Test for shift and not shift presence.

2008-04-09  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (switch-to-root-frame): show later -
	new key parameter to have less flickering.

2008-04-07  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/bindings-second-mode.lisp (frame-layout-once-menu): Set the
	layout only one time and revert to no-layout to freely handle

	* src/clfswm-nw-hooks.lisp
	(open-in-new-frame-in-root-frame-nw-hook): Tile layout with spaces
	with new created window.

	* src/clfswm-layout.lisp (register-layout): Now register
	automatically a once layout to set the layout only one time and
	revert to no-layout to freely handle frames.

2008-04-05  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-nw-hooks.lisp (leave-focus-frame-nw-hook): New
	nw-hook: Open the next window in the current frame and leave the
	focus to the current child.

2008-04-04  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/bindings-second-mode.lisp: Add keys definitions to
	bind-or-jump in the second mode.

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (bind-or-jump): remove the auto-defining
	macro for bind-or-jump-(1|2|3...).

	* src/clfswm-keys.lisp (define-define-key/mouse): Allow additional
	arguments to function. This allow to do things like:
 	(define-main-key (key) 'my-function 10 20 'foo) -> 10 20 and 'foo
	are passed to my-function on key press.

2008-04-03  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (bind-or-jump): New (great) function.

2008-04-02  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (child-fullname): New function

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp (info-mode-menu): Add an explicit optional
	docstring in info-mode-menu. An item can be
	'((key function) (key function)) or with docstring
	'((key function "documentation 1") (key function "bla bla") (key function))

	* src/tools.lisp (ensure-n-elems): New function.

	* src/bindings-second-mode.lisp: Bind Alt+mouse-1/3 to move or
	resize a frame or the window's father.

	* src/clfswm.lisp (init-display): Remove tile-space-layout by
	default on the root frame.

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (move/resize-frame): Add standard event
	hooks handlers (map-request, configure-notify...)

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (adapt-child-to-father): Limit minimal
	child size to 1x1.

2008-04-01  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/bindings.lisp: Bind Alt+mouse-1/3 to move or resize a frame
	or the window's father.

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (mouse-click-to-focus-generic): Stop button
	event only if there is a geometry change.
	(mouse-focus-move/resize-generic): Generic function to move or
	resize a frame or a window father frame.

2008-04-01  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (show-all-children): Return t if there
	is a geometry change.

2008-03-30  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/bindings.lisp (Up/Down): Swap select previous/next level.

	* src/bindings-second-mode.lisp (Up/Down): Swap select previous/next level.

	* src/clfswm.lisp (init-display): Create a default frame in the root frame.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (place-frame): Place frame from real (pixel) coordinates.
	(with-all-*): Reverse the child list to manage the first child last (like in

	* src/config.lisp (*create-frame-on-root*): New variable: Create a new frame on the
	root window only if true.

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (mouse-click-to-focus-generic): Create a new frame on the
	root window only if *create-frame-on-root* is true.

	* src/bindings-second-mode.lisp (sm-mouse-click-to-focus-generic): Create a new frame
	on the root window.

2008-03-29  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/bindings-second-mode.lisp (sm-mouse-click-to-focus-generic): Focus, move and resize
	the current child (even if it's a window).

2008-03-28  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (mouse-click-to-focus-and-move)
	(mouse-click-to-focus-and-resize): New functions.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (*-fl->px): Convert float coordinates to pixel.
	(*-px->fl): Convert pixel coordinates to float.

	* src/tools.lisp (call-hook): Move call-hook to tools.lisp.

2008-03-27  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-layout.lisp (no-layout): Use :first-only to raise only the
	first child.

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (hide-all): Split hide-all-children in hide-all
	and hide-all-children.
	(raise-if-needed): New function.
	(show-child): Use a first-p parameter to raise windows only when they are
	first child.

2008-03-26  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-internal.lisp (select-next/previous-level): Don't use show-all-children
	-> less flickering.

2008-03-25  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-info.lisp (keys-from-list): new function.

	* src/*: rename 'childs' in 'children'.

	* src/*: rename 'group' in 'frame'.

2008-03-22  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-pack.lisp (explode-group/explode-current-group): new functions.

2008-03-21  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-pack.lisp: Pack, Fill, Resize functions.

2008-03-16  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-nw-hooks.lisp: Register system for new window hooks.
	Bind control+o to open the next window in a new group in the root group
	 (as open in next window in a new workspace in 0801 version).

2008-03-15  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* src/clfswm-util.lisp (show/hide-all-groups-info/key): Show/hide all groups info

2008-03-14  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* bindings-second-mode.lisp ("ISO_Left_Tab"): Use ISO_Left_Tab
	instead of Tab for select-previous-child.

2008-03-13  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-util.lisp (force-window-in-group/force-window-center-in-group):
	new functions.

2008-03-11  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-util.lisp (identify-key): Display the documentation
	associated to keys when identifying a key.

2008-03-10  Xavier Maillard  <xma@gnu.org>

	* contrib/clfswm: Complete rewrite of the script. Detect error and
	act accordingly. Add command line arguments to configure the
	script execution. User can now choose different common lisp
	implementation (clisp and sbcl only), choose where to store the
	dumped image, where to find clfswm source.

2008-03-09  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-internal.lisp (process-new-window): Beginning of new
	window hook: each group have a hook to tell what he wants to do
	with the new created window.

2008-03-08  Xavier Maillard  <xma@gnu.org>

	* contrib/clfswm: New script. Dump a CLISP image of CLFSWM then
 	call the resulting executable.

	* clfswm.lisp (read-conf-file): Check for the user config file in
	XDG_CONFIG_HOME *first*. Freedesktop.org standards should be
	prefered whenever possible.

2008-02-27  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-layout.lisp (*-layout): Add an optional raise-p
	parameter in each layout.

2008-02-26  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-util.lisp (copy/cut-current-child): Does not affect the
	root group.
	(copy/move-current-child-by-name/number): new functions
	(focus-group-by-name/number): new functions
	(delete-group-by-name/number): new functions

2008-02-24  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* ************************************************************ *
	*: Major update - No more reference  to workspaces. The main   *
	structure is a tree of groups or application windows.          *
	* ************************************************************ *

2008-02-07  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm.lisp (read-conf-file): Read configuration in
	$HOME/.clfswmrc or in /etc/clfswmrc or in
	(xdg-config-home): Return the content of $XDG-CONFIG-HOME (default
	to $HOME/.config/).

2008-01-18  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-internal.lisp (show-all-group): Use *root* and *root-gc*
	by default.

2008-01-03  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-internal.lisp (find-window-group): New function.

	* clfswm*: Change to make clfswm run with clisp/new-clx.

2008-01-01  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-util.lisp (query-show-paren): Add show parent matching in
	query string.
	(query-string): Bind control+k to delete end of line.

	* clfswm-second-mode.lisp (draw-second-mode-window): Display
	the action on mouse motion in second mode.

	* clfswm.lisp (handle-exposure): Redisplay groups on exposure
	event but do not clear the root window.
	(handle-configure-request): Adjust unmanaged window from there

	* clfswm-internal.lisp (process-new-window): Adjust new window
	with the specified hints (max/min/base width/height).

2007-12-31  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm.lisp (handle-configure-request): Send an Configuration
	Notify event. This solve a bug with xterm and rxvt who takes some
	times to be mapped. Now there is no delay.

	* bindings-second-mode.lisp (define-shell): Run programs after
	living the second mode.

2007-12-30  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-internal.lisp (process-new-window): Do not crop transient
	window to group size.
	(adapt-window-to-group): Do not crop transient window to group

	* clfswm.lisp (handle-configure-request): Adapt just the window to
	its group and don't take care of the configure request. Remove the
	bug with the Gimp outside the group and speed up the window
	(handle-exposure): Remove show-all-group on exposure event
	-> Speed up.

2007-12-29  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-util.lisp (circulate-group-up-copy-window)
	(circulate-workspace-down-copy-group): Prevent the copy of the
	same window in the same workspace.

	* bindings-second-mode.lisp (release-copy-selected-window)
	(release-copy-selected-group): Prevent the copy of the same window
	in the same workspace.

	* clfswm-pager.lisp (generic-pager-move-window-on-previous-line)
	(generic-pager-move-window-on-next-line): Remove the copy
	(generic-pager-move-group-on-previous-workspace): Prevent the copy
	of the same window in the same workspace.

	* bindings-pager.lisp (mouse-pager-copy-selected-window-release)
	(mouse-pager-copy-selected-group-release): Prevent the copy of the
	same window in the same workspace.

	* tools.lisp (setf/=): new macro to set a variable only when

	* clfswm-internal.lisp (adapt-window-to-group): use set/= to set
	x, y... only when necessary.

2007-12-28  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm.lisp (handle-configure-notify, *configure-notify-hook*):
	new function and hook: force windows to stay in its group (solve a
	bug with the Gimp).

2007-12-25  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* bindings-second-mode.lisp (mouse-motion): use hide-group to have
	less flickering when moving/resizing groups.

	* clfswm-internal.lisp (hide-group): new function.
	(show-all-group): clear-all: new parameter.

2007-12-22  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-keys.lisp (define-define-key): undefine-*-multi-name: new
	* clfswm*: Color change for the pager. Typo or better description
	in bindings definitions. Define bindings for a qwerty keyboard by
	default. dot-clfswmrc show examples to switch to an azerty
	License change to GPL v3.
	* config.lisp: new file - group all globals variables in this

2007-08-26  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* xlib-util.lisp (hide-window): Remove structure-notivy events
	when hidding a window.

2007-05-16  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* package.lisp (*sm-property-notify-hook*): Readded
	property-notify-hook in second mode.

2007-05-15  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-keys.lisp (produce-doc-html): Better clean up for strings.

2007-05-13  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-pack.lisp (tile-current-workspace-to/right/left/top/bottom):
	Tile the current workspace with the current window on one side and
	others on the other (this emulate the larswm, dwm, wmii way). See
	the default configuration file to enable this mode by default.

	* clfswm-pager.lisp (pager-tile-current-workspace-to): idem for
	the pager.

2007-05-12  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-pager.lisp (pager-draw-window-in-group): Add
	ensure-printable to print windows name even with non-ascii

2007-05-11  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-pager.lisp (pager-explode-current-group): Create a new
	group for each window in group.
	(pager-implode-current-group): Move all windows in workspace to
	one group and remove other groups.

	* clfswm-pack.lisp (explode-group): Create a new group for each
	window in group.
	(implode-group): Move all windows in workspace to one group and
	remove other groups.

	* clfswm-util.lisp (identify-key): Remove local configuration
	variables and made them available for configuration from
	(query-string): idem.

2007-04-29  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* netwm-util.lisp: Start of NetWM compliance.
	Add a Netwm client list gestion.

2007-04-28  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-internal.lisp (create-group-on-request): open a new group
	only when the current group is not empty.

	* bindings-second-mode.lisp (define-second-key-#\o-control): Fix a
	bug with null workspace.

	* clfswm-pager.lisp (pager-handle-event): Add a hook
	system. This hooks can be changed in the user configuration file.

	* package.lisp: All colors and font variables are set in
	package.lisp and can be configured in the user configuration
	Note: If you have configured some less ugly colors (esp. for the
	pager) don't hesitate to let me know :)

	* clfswm-second-mode.lisp (sm-handle-event): Add a hook
	system. This hooks can be changed in the user configuration file.

	* clfswm.lisp (handle-event): Add a hook system. This hooks can be
	changed in the user configuration file (~/.clfswmrc)

2007-04-25  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-util.lisp (stop-all-pending-actions): new function: reset
	arrow action, open next window in new workspace/group.

	* bindings.lisp (stop-all-pending-actions): new binding.
	(open-next-window-in-new-group-once): Open the next windows in a
	new group (only once) or open all new windows in a new group (like
	others windows managers).

2007-04-22  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm.lisp (read-conf-file): New function to read a lisp
	configuration file at startup.
	(focus-group-under-mouse): Check if group isn't the current group
	( prevent a bug with unclutter ).

2007-03-02  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* bindings.lisp (run-program-from-query-string): A program can be
	launch from a input query window.

2007-03-01  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-info.lisp: Fix a bug with banish pointer in info mode.

2007-02-28  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm.lisp (process-new-window): One can now open the next
	window in a workspace called by its number.

	* clfswm-util.lisp (query-font-string): Minimal editing
	(eval-from-string): And an REPL in the window manager... :)

2007-02-26  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm.lisp (process-new-window): One can now open the next
	window in a new workspace or a new group.

	* clfswm-pager.lisp (pager-mode): Display the next arrow action
	with the hidden windows.

	* clfswm.lisp (second-key-mode): Display the current workspace
	number and the next arrow action in the state window.

	* clfswm-pager.lisp (pager-mode): Hide all windows before leaving
	the pager mode and then redisplay only the current workspace.

2007-02-25  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm.lisp (add-workspace): Workspaces are now numbered. So
	they can be focused with a keypress, sorted or renumbered.

2007-02-24  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-pager.lisp (pager-mode): Remove multiple silly
	pager-draw-display. This prevent a lot of flickering in the

	* clfswm.lisp: Remove all display-force-output and replace them
	with only one display-finish-output in the event loop.

2006-11-06  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-pager.lisp (pager-center-group): New function - center a
	group at the middle of the screen.

	* clfswm-pack.lisp (center-group): New function - center a group
	at the middle of the screen.

	* clfswm.lisp (show-group): Add a cross line under the group.
	(show-group): Group are showned even if fullscreened.
	(init-display): Add an exposure event on the root window.

2006-11-05  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* package.lisp (*default-group*): Default group is the same size
	of a fullscreened group.

	* bindings*: Use shift to move, control+shift to copy.

	* *.lisp: Add comments for configuration or alternatives. So grep
	for CONFIG to see where you can configure clfswm. And grep for
	Alternative to use some commented code.

	* clfswm.lisp (second-key-mode): Use a single window to show the
	second mode. See for alternatives at the end of this file.

2006-11-03  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-keys.lisp (define-define-key/mouse): Factorisation in a
	macro of key and mouse definitions.
	(define-define-key/mouse): Use state instead of modifiers list
	this fix a bug when the modifiers list is not in the rigth order.

	* clfswm.lisp (second-key-mode): Add a colored border in second mode.

2006-11-02  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-info.lisp (info-mode): Add an info mode.

2006-11-01  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm.lisp (process-new-window): Change border size for
	transient windows.
	(show-all-windows-in-workspace): Unhide all windows even when the
	current group is in fullscreen mode.

2006-10-26  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-util.lisp (identify-key): Add an exposure handle-event to
	redisplay the identify window after a terminal switch.

	* clfswm-pager.lisp (pager-mode): Add an exposure handle-event to
	redisplay the pager after a terminal switch.

2006-10-24  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-util.lisp (identify-key): Add a window to display
	the keys to identify on screen.

	* bindings.lisp, bindings-pager.lisp: Define same keys to
	move/copy groups/windows in second mode and in pager.

	* clfswm.lisp (handle-event*): Same version in all clfswm (fix some
	drawing lags).
	(show-all-windows-in-workspace): unhide window before adapting it
	to group.

2006-10-23  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm.lisp (handle-event): Revert to an older version.

2006-10-18  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-util.lisp (force-window-in-group)
	(force-window-center-in-group): New functions for transient windows.

	* clfswm-pager.lisp (pager-remove-current-workspace/group):
	bugfix: hide all windows before removing group or workspace.

2006-10-17  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* bindings-pager.lisp (mouse-pager-move-selected-group)
	(mouse-pager-copy-selected-window, mouse-pager-rotate-window-up)
	(mouse-pager-rotate-window-down): New functions to have mouse in
	pager mode.

	* clfswm-pager.lisp (pager-swap-window)
	(pager-copy-window-on-next/previous-line): New functions

2006-10-15  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-pager.lisp (pager-move-window-on-next/previous-line,
	(pager-move-group-on-next/previous-workspace): new functions.

	* clfswm-pack.lisp (resize-half-x-x-current-group): resize group
	to its half size (new functions).

2006-10-11  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-pager.lisp: workspaces, groups and windows can now be
	selectionned with the keyboard or the mouse.

2006-10-09  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-pager.lisp (pager-select-workspace-right/left):
	workspaces can now be selectionned with the keyboard.

2006-10-08  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-keys.lisp (undefine-main-key, undefine-second-key, undefine-mouse-action):
	new function to remove a previous defined key or mouse combination.

2006-10-07  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm.lisp (main): Check for access error in init-display.

	* clfswm-keys.lisp (define-ungrab/grab): check for keysym and
	keycode before grabbing.

	* bindings.lisp: Remove nlambda and use defun to keep the function
	documentation with clisp.
	(define-shell): new macro to define shell command for the second

2006-10-06  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm-keys.lisp (define-ungrab/grab): use a cond instead of a
	boggus typecase.

2006-10-05  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* bindings.lisp (accept-motion): Move group bugfix in upper mouse
	workspace circulation.

	* clfswm-util.lisp (absorb-orphan-window): new function.

	* clfswm-keys.lisp: Keysyms support.

2006-10-02  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm.lisp (show-group): Use one gc for all groups and not one
	per group.

2006-10-01  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* bindings.lisp (define-second-key (#\l :mod-1)): fix a typo.

	* clfswm.lisp (adapt-window-to-group): Adapt only windows with
	width and height outside group.

2006-09-28  Philippe Brochard  <pbrochard@common-lisp.net>

	* clfswm.lisp: First public release.