2011-01-06 08:55  sami-makinen

	* cl-wal-trunk.asd, package.lisp, test/unit/wal.lisp, vendor,
	  vendor/lisp-unit.lisp: Refactored wal to use lisp-unit by
	  Christopher K. Riesbeck.
	  Note: vendor dir contains slightly modified lisp-unit (with
	  Unit tests were refactored with following modifications:
	  - def-test (name) -> define-test name
	  - assert-typep obj type -> assert-typep type obj
	  - assert-condition error -> assert-error 'error
	  - unit tests are in their own package
	  - all symbols need to have package specification

2011-01-01 19:54  sami-makinen

	* cl-wal-trunk.asd, wal.asd: Renamed asd file to follow project
	  name and svn version.

2011-01-01 19:53  sami-makinen

	* package.lisp, wal.asd: Updated system and package to follow
	  project name and version.

2010-12-01 16:50  sami-makinen

	* ., package.lisp, test, test/unit, test/unit/wal.lisp, wal.asd,
	  wal.lisp: Initial import.