Copyright (c) 2008 Sami Makinen

Swap file was originally designed for cl-btree to manage disk blocks.
Swap file provides mechanism to create a stream for reading and
writing and the stream is automatically converted to a managed
sequence of disk blocks. See the unit tests for more detail.

Swap file uses cl-wal which provides simple write-ahead log for the
swap file.  cl-wal works as a journal providing atomicy and durability
for a stored data.

Current implementation has been tested with SBCL.  Project was
originally at and is now made available at

cl-swap-file depends on following projects: 
  - trivial-garbage
  - cl-binary-file (,
  - cl-wal (,

cl-swap-file no longer depends on following projects:
  - cl-unit-test (,
  - cl-toolbox (

cl-swap-file is utilized in cl-btree and clufs projects.