Version 20100505.1
Rewrite encoding functions, now it is possible to use non ascii characters in
header values and in attachment filenames.
New keyword argument external-format (default :utf-8).
New class attachment, with slots attachment-name and 
attachment-mime-type, and a constructor function make-attachment.
Rename q-encode-str to rfc2045-q-encode-string.
Add rfc2231-encode-string to encode non ascii characters 
in attachment filenames.
Add tests for encoding functions, see tests.lisp.
Change cl-smtp.lisp, attachment.lisp, package.lisp, 
       cl-smtp.asd, CHANGELOG, README
Add tests.lisp
Remove smtp-output-stream.lisp

Version 20100422.1
Fixed encoding errors in header strings,
new function q-encode-str to encode strings in header.
Change cl-smtp.lisp, CHANGELOG

Version 20100420.1
Fixed error when send more than 1 attachment, 
added a blank line between attachments.
Change base64-encode-file, attachments.lisp, CHANGELOG

Version 20080417.1
Fixed stream-element-type. Thanks Attila Lendvai for the bug report.
Change smtp-output-stream, cl-smtp.asd, CHANGELOG

Version 20080412.1
Fixed TLS directly functionality, switch to ssl stream bevor read from stream.
Change cl-smtp.lisp, cl-smtp.asd, CHANGELOG

Version 20080402.1
Added support for sending raw messages. (Hans Huebner)
Fixed STARTTLS so that an EHLO command is sent after STARTTLS. (Hans Huebner)
Changed Authentication functionality, the actual authentication method used is determined by looking at the advertised features of the SMTP server. (Hans Huebner)
Added non-ASCII character quoting in email headers (according to RFC2047). (Hans Huebner)
Added condition classes for error reporting. (Hans Huebner)
Change cl-smtp.lisp, cl-smtp.asd, CHANGELOG
Add smtp-output-stream.lisp

Version 20071113.1
Add SSL support, thank Timothy Ritchey for the suggestions.
New boolean keyword argument ssl added to send-email.
Change cl-smtp.lisp, cl-smtp.asd, README, CHANGELOG

Version 20071104.1
Fixed bug with the file attachments to solve corrupted files when
processed with chunking turned on. (Brian Sorg)
Added automatically including mime types for attachesments 
of common known extensions. (Brian Sorg)
Added Html-messages option to send-mail function. (Brian Sorg)
Change attachments.lisp, cl-smtp.asd, cl-smtp.lisp, README, CHANGELOG
Add mime-type.lisp

Version 20071018.1
Reverted the non allegro base64 functionality in attachment.lisp,
now it is used cl-base64 again. Thanks Attila Lendvai for the bug report.
Change attachments.lisp, cl-smtp.asd, CHANGELOG

Version 20070904.1
Remove implementation dependent sockets code by adding usocket dependency.
Change cl-smtp.asd cl-smtp.lisp README INSTALL
 (remove acl.lisp clisp.lisp cmucl.lisp sbcl.lisp lispworks.lisp openmcl.lisp)

Version 20060404.1
"ADD" support for attachment, thanks Brian Sorg for the implementation
Added attachments.lisp
Change cl-smtp.asd cl-smtp.lisp README

Version 20051220.1
"ADD" win32 support for clisp
"REMOVE" :cl-smtp-authentication
"CHANGE" always use CL-BASE64 package 
Change cl-smtp.asd, cl-smtp.lisp, clisp.lisp, README, CHANGELOG

Version 20051211.1
"ADD" :cl-smtp-authentication for reader macro, that you can use cl-smtp with and
without authentication support
Change cl-smtp.asd, cl-smtp.lisp, README, CHANGELOG

Version 20051210.1
"ADD" key authentication for smtp authentication: '(:plain "username" "password")
or '(:login "username" "password")
add dependency to CL-BASE64 except allegro
Change cl-smtp.asd, cl-smtp.lisp, CHANGELOG

Version 20050729.1
"CHANGE" license from LGPL to LLGPL
"ADD" key display-name for optional display name of the from email adress
(RFC 2822 3.4. Address Specification)
Change all files

Version 20050127.1
"FIXED" add correct multiline replies in read-from-smtp (RFC 822 APPENDIX E)
"ADD" key extra-headers to send-email, send-smtp
thanks Dave Bakkash to inform me about the wrong implemantation 
of read-from-smtp and the tip with the extra-headers
Change cl-smtp.asd, cl-smtp.lisp, README, CHANGELOG

Version 20050119.1
Add portability file "lispworks.lisp" to work with Lispworks,
thanks Sean Ross for this file
Added lispworks.lisp
Change cl-smtp.asd, README, INSTALL, CHANGELOG

Version 20050104.1
"Fixed" month "Sep" missed in get-email-date-string
Added this CHANGELOG

Version 20040812.1
Initial release