Version:   0.4
Home page:
Author:    Andrew Pennebaker <>

Original Name: clickcheck
Original Author: Darius Bacon <>
Original Homepage:

To get started, start up your Lisp system inside this directory, and
enter (load "loadme.lisp").  You should see output from self-tests and
sample tests.  One of the sample suites, money.lisp, has deliberate
test failures; the others should all pass.


  cl-quickcheck.lisp	The main testing package.
  documentation.text    Quick-start guide and reference.

  cl-quickcheck.asd		ASDF system definition.
  updoc.lisp			Experimental documentation- and regression-tester.
  alpha.lisp			Utility for testing macros, also experimental.
  other files			Sample tests.

Thanks to Gregory Martin Pfeil for quickcheck.asd.