2007-05-18 Jacob Gabrielson <jacobg23@pobox.com>

	* added wprintw, overlay and overwrite

2004-09-04  Julian Stecklina  <der_julian@web.de>

	* variables.lisp: 
		Exported variable names.

	* package.lisp (def): 
		Changed macro to also export the function names.

	* getyx.lisp: 
		Made get*yx macros always free their foreign structure and
		added get-*yx functions that return the coordinates as
		multiple values instead of setf'ing them. Also unbreak the
		macros and export all the names.

	* glue.lisp: 
		Renamed to lisp-glue.lisp, because of name conflict
		with glue.c. 

2004-03-08 Marcelo Ramos <mramos@montevideo.com.uy>

	Version 0.1 (initial release)

	* initial version