Changes in 0.8 since 0.7:

 * The library tracks user and channel modes automatically
 * The concept of 'trailing-argument' removed (non-RFC compliance)
 * Socket support now through 'usocket' library
 * Threading support deprecated; use 'bordeaux-threads' or 'clim-sys' instead
 * Support for password protected network logon
 * Joining password protected channels now supported
 * Specifying a reason phrase when parting channels now supported
 * 'irc-message-event' now specializable on the default connection class
 * Message parsing closer to specs in RFC
 * Support for specified outgoing external-format
 * Support for specified incoming external-format (with fallback)
 * Stop leaking 'invalidate-me' conditions (by removing them completely)
 * DCC support enhancements
 * More generic functions to silence compiler warnings

2005-03-21  Erik Huelsmann  <>

	Add MODE tracking support.

2004-03-18  Erik Huelsmann  <>

	* protocol.lisp: Add defgenerics. Remove duplicates 
	from *reply-names* before passing to create-irc-message-classes.

	* command.lisp, event.lisp: Add defgenerics.

	* protocol.lisp (remove-channel): Change order of arguments
	to (remove-channel <user-object> <channel-object>)

	* package.lisp (export): Export symbols needed for manipulation
	of the different objects 

	Started tracking changes committed to the repository in this log.

	Ordering of events in this file is last-commited-at-top.