Changes from 0.3 → 0.4:

* Changed error on extension functions not found to merely a warning.
* Stripped out a lot of useless info from the spec, by selecting only what is
* Changed the func-spec format, now defglfun prints out the function being
  compiled in SBCL nicely..
* Added generator structure explanation.
* Major package refactoring.
* Extracted all common types and expansions into lib/types.lisp with dedicated
  system cl-glfw-types for all to depend on and share expansions.
* Fix for building under ECL, working under the assumption that there is a installed in /usr/lib/ or /usr/local/lib/.
* Fix for platforms where there's no int64/uint64...
* Fixed dependency of opengl extensions and versions. Spelling fix.
* Fix files not found for glu versions 1_1, 1_2 and 1_3.
* Many other small fixes.

Changes from 0.2 → 0.3:

* Able to use just cl-glfw (eg. with cl-opengl) or just cl-glfw-opengl/glu
  (eg. with cl-glut) as cl-glfw and cl-glfw-opengl/glu are now independent of
  each other.
* Added examples/test-cl-opengl.lisp example as a proof-of-concept.
* Moved all extensions and version asd files into lib, tidier. The lib path
  will be automatically added to asdf:*central-registry* when loading
  cl-glfw-glu or cl-glfw-opengl.
* Small usability improvement for opengl generator front-end: --help message,
* Small examples fixes.
* README file update. 

Changes from 0.1 → 0.2:

* Updated specification files: GREMEDY_frame_terminator extension brought in.
* Added with-projection-matrix macro.
* Small changes to string/symbol style of .asd files, seemed to make windows
* Split out the GLU into seperate files to keep windows happy.
* Added extra test platform.
* Package name change, "opengl" → "cl-glfw-opengl" (still has nickname of