2008-11-09  Michael Weber  <michaelw@foldr.org>

	* Released version 0.8.0

	* cl-dot.lisp (textify,print-key-value): allow labels to be
	aligned.  Patch adapted from Nikodemus Siivola

	* cl-dot.lisp (generate-graph): handle :node and :edge attributes
	specially.  Patch adapted from Nikodemus Siivola
	(print-key-value): new function, extracted from generate-graph.
	* docs/manual.texi: document accepted attributes

	* docs/manual.texi: new manual

	* COPYING: adjusted years

2008-10-27  Michael Weber  <michaelw@foldr.org>

	* cl-dot.lisp (construct-graph): Save and reuse result of
	GRAPH-OBJECT- protocol functions
	Otherwise, ephemeral graph nodes get disconnected, which is
	somewhat unexpected.  Report and patch by YuQian Zhou

2008-06-16  Michael Weber  <michaelw@foldr.org>

	* Released version 0.7.0

	* cl-dot.lisp: default methods for graph-object- protocol methods
	(dot-graph), doc/index.html: added support for undirected
	graphs (via neato); patch by Angel Bayloff <bayloff@gmail.com>,
	slightly edited.

2008-02-17  Michael Weber  <michaelw@foldr.org>

	* Released version 0.6.0

	* cl-dot.lisp: introduced the GRAPH-OBJECT- protocol,
	moved OBJECT- protocol to deprecated.lisp

	(generate-graph-from-roots): new function
	(generate-graph): deprecated

	* deprecated.lisp: new file
	* docs/index.html: documented API changes
	* examples/: adapted examples to new API
	* cl-dot.asd: added list-example-old.lisp, deprecated.lisp
	* README: removed API documentation with pointer to docs directory

2007-11-29  Michael Weber  <michaelw@foldr.org>
	* Released version 0.5.0
	* cl-dot.lisp (dot-graph): add support for CLISP.  Patch by
	Martin Dengler <martin@martindengler.com>.

2007-11-21  Michael Weber  <michaelw@foldr.org>

	* cl-dot.lisp (dot-graph): add keyword parameter FORMAT

2007-03-02  Michael Weber  <michaelw@foldr.org>

	* cl-dot.lisp (dot-graph): output .ps for LispWorks 

2007-02-27  Michael Weber  <michaelw@foldr.org>

	* cl-dot.lisp (dot-graph): removed extra binding

2007-02-26  Michael Weber  <michaelw@foldr.org>

	* Released version 0.4.0

	* cl-dot.lisp (dot-graph): Allegro support (patch by
	Robert P. Goldman <rpgoldman@yahoo.com>), slightly edited.

	* Released version 0.3.0

	* cl-dot.lisp: *dot-path* for win32;
	execution support for LispWorks; escape node IDs with TEXTIFY.
	Original patch by Levente Mészáros, edited by michaelw@foldr.org
	* cl-dot.lisp (generate-dot): Use WITH-STANDARD-IO-SYNTAX for
	printing dot file.  Patch by Todd Sabin <tsabin@optonline.net>.

	* Released version 0.2.0
	* taken over maintainership from Juho Snellman <jsnell@iki.fi>

	* cl-dot.lisp (generate-graph): changed to a generic function
	* cl-dot.lisp: various updates
	* docs/index.html: HTML documentation
	* cl-dot.asd: various changes