2011-01-13  sami-makinen

	* api-doc, api-doc/binary-file.html, api-doc/cludg.css: Added CLDOC
	  generated api-doc.
	* binary-file.lisp: Fix to file-position bug. SBCL has different
	  method signature and the stream-file-position was not called.

2011-01-06  sami-makinen

	* binary-file.lisp: Updated documentation.
	* README: Updated README.
	* ChangeLog: Added ChangeLog.
	* cl-binary-file-trunk.asd, cl-binary-file.asd: Renamed file
	  according to version.
	* big-endian/package.lisp, big-endian/test/unit/io.lisp,
	  binary-file.lisp, cl-binary-file.asd, little-endian/package.lisp,
	  little-endian/test/unit/io.lisp, package.lisp,
	  test/unit/binary-file.lisp, vendor, vendor/lisp-unit.lisp:
	  Refactored binary-file to use lisp-unit by Christopher K.
	  Added assert-typep to lisp-unit (under vendor dir).
	  Unit tests were refactored with following modifications:
	  - def-test (name) -> define-test name
	  - assert-typep obj type -> assert-typep type obj
	  - assert-condition error -> assert-error 'error
	  - unit tests are in their own package
	  - all symbols need to have package specification
	  Refactored binary-file to use trivial-gray-streams for

2011-01-01  sami-makinen

	* binary-file.asd, cl-binary-file.asd: Renamed asd file according
	  to project name.
	* binary-file.asd: Renamed system to match project name.

2010-12-31  sami-makinen

	* big-endian/io.lisp, big-endian/package.lisp, binary-file.asd,
	  little-endian/io.lisp, little-endian/package.lisp, package.lisp:
	  Added read-uint8 defuns.
	  Renamed packages (dropped org.alien-consader).
	  Changed version to match svn version (trunk).

2010-12-05  sami-makinen

	* binary-file.lisp: Fix to an array adjustement bug at
	  stream-write-byte. Array was not correctly adjusted and was one
	  too short.
	  Fix to an with-input-from-binary-array. File position setting was
	  not expanded correctly.

2010-12-01  sami-makinen

	* ., big-endian, big-endian/big-endian.asd, big-endian/io.lisp,
	  big-endian/package.lisp, big-endian/test, big-endian/test/unit,
	  big-endian/test/unit/io.lisp, binary-file.asd, binary-file.lisp,
	  little-endian, little-endian/io.lisp,
	  little-endian/little-endian.asd, little-endian/package.lisp,
	  little-endian/test, little-endian/test/unit,
	  little-endian/test/unit/io.lisp, package.lisp, test, test/unit,
	  test/unit/binary-file.lisp: Initial import.