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* Version 0.7.4, released 2009-10-26

** bug fixes

CRC32 checksums are now calculated properly.  (Thanks to Sven Van

** improvements

READ-SEQUENCE is now supported on Gray streams, which may result in a
significant performance boost.

* Version 0.7.3, released 2009-05-09

** bug fixes

Checksum errors now throw the correct error, rather than complaining
about an unknown checksum-mismatch error.  (Thanks to _3b on #lisp.)

Fixed an error when decompressing raw deflate data.  (Thanks to _3b on

Fixed an error in rare cases when reading checksums.  (Thanks to _3b on

* Version 0.7.2, released 2008-12-20

** bug fixes

Gray streams now work correctly.  (Thanks to Austin Haas.)

* Version 0.7.1, released 2008-12-17

** bug fixes

Fixed some errors related to confusion between keywords and CHIPZ
symbols.  (Thanks to Austin Haas and Tomas Zellerin.)

* Version 0.7.0, released 2008-10-24

** new features

bzip2 decompression is now included.  Please see the documentation for
more details.

** improvements

DECOMPRESS now supports the keyword argument :BUFFER-SIZE.  Please see
the documentation for more details.

Checksum verification is now performed for gzip and zlib data.

* Version 0.6.1, released 2008-10-03

** bug fixes

Various fixes have been applied to increase Chipz's portability.
(Thanks to Zach Beane.)

* Version 0.6.0, released 2008-09-27

** new features

Gray streams are now supported on Lispworks, CMUCL, Allegro, and

There has been a significant amount of optimization work done on the
library and decompression shows better than order-of-magnitude speedups
on SBCL.

* Version 0.5.1, released 2008-02-09

** bug fixes

DECOMPRESS now handles :INPUT-END properly in all cases.  (Thanks to
Jeremy English.)

* Version 0.5, released 2008-01-02

Completely redid the structure of the library.  The API is now modeled
after that of `zlib', with convenience functions added.

Gray streams interfaces added.

* Version 0.1.1, released 2006-01-27

Fixed PROCESS-NO-COMPRESS-BLOCK to read from the underlying stream,
rather than the bitstream.  (Thanks to Eric Marsden.)

* Version 0.1, released 2006-01-27

Initial release.