2007-03-26  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* ChangeLog, src/defpackage.cl, src/gamma.cl, src/imageops.cl, test/test-ch-image.cl, version.lisp-expr:
	ch-image 0.2.12
	 * add apply-gamma method for ub8-matrix-image
	 * add and export discrete-convolve-image and sharpen-image

2007-01-24  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/ch-image.cl, src/copy-image.cl, src/gamma.cl, version.lisp-expr:
	ch-image 0.2.11
	 * change matrix data array declarations to (simple-array ... *
	   instead of (simple-array ... (* *)

2007-01-09  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/ch-image.cl, src/distance.cl, src/imageops.cl, test/test-ch-image.cl, version.lisp-expr:
	ch-image 0.2.10
	 * more cleanup to work with n-d matrices
	 * mref cleanup
	 * use :in-place instead of ! methods where appropriate

2006-12-27  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* ChangeLog, src/defpackage.cl, version.lisp-expr: ch-image 0.2.9
	 * add ch-image-user package

2006-12-11  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* ChangeLog, version.lisp-expr: ch-image 0.2.8
	 * forgot to update ChangeLog

2006-12-03  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/ch-image.cl, src/conversion.cl, version.lisp-expr: ch-image 0.2.7
	 * trying to fix image-data problems. seem to be fixed now.
	 * whitespace

2006-11-18  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* io/jpegimage.cl, version.lisp-expr: ch-image 0.2.6
	 * added write-jpeg-stream for gray-images

2006-08-30  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/imageops.cl, version.lisp-expr: ch-image 0.2.5
	  * added gray-image-to-argb-8888-image

2006-08-27  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/ch-image.cl, src/defpackage.cl, src/distance.cl, src/imageops.cl, version.lisp-expr:
	ch-image 0.2.4
	* added defgeneric for set-rgb-values
	* added set-rgb-values for rgb-888-image and rgb-image
	* added get-rgb-values for rgb-image
	* added set-pixel, or-pixel, or-pixel, and-pixel and get-pixel
	  for rgb-image
	* exported image-dm
	* image-l2-distance now calls matrix-l2-distance where appropriate
	* mask-image is now a generic function
	* added mask-iamge for bit-matrix
	* added posterize generic function and posterize method for ub8-matrix
	* added foregound-pixel-list gf and methods for image and matrix
	* added color-map-image and friends

2006-08-09  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* doc/ch-image.sexp, make-dist.sh, make-tinaa-docs.lisp, src/distance.cl, src/imageops.cl, version.lisp-expr:
	ch-image 0.2.3
	  * use asdf-package:package-system instead of ch-util:make-dist in make-dist.sh
	  * fix bibcites
	  * add image-cauchy-l2-distance (not sure if this works)
	  * fix scale constraining in resize-image

2006-07-31  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* version.lisp-expr: discs
	  * added NEWS file

	* NEWS: added NEWS file

2006-07-23  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* version.lisp-expr, doc/ch-image.sexp, src/copy-image.cl, src/distance.cl, src/freetype-text.cl:
	 * add a handler case around the xor-pixels in freetype text drawing stuff
	 * minor formatting
	 * added copy-image for image-channel
	 * fixed sbcl -> sbcl2006
	 * markup -> smarkup

2006-07-18  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* version.lisp-expr: ch-image
	  * markup -> smarkup

2006-07-13  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/defpackage.cl, src/distance.cl, version.lisp-expr:
	  * add and export image-l1-distance and image-l2-distance generic

2006-07-06  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* doc/ch-image.sexp: lowercase tags

	* ch-image-doc.asd, doc/ch-image.sexp, src/defpackage.cl, version.lisp-expr:
	  * export fill-image
	  * add ch-image.sexp and change ch-image-doc.asd to use the sexp
	    instead of the gmarkup stuff

	* src/distance.cl, version.lisp-expr: ch-image
	  * guard against division by zero error in

	* ch-image.asd, io/imageio.cl, src/copy-image.cl, src/distance.cl, src/morphology.cl, version.lisp-expr:
	  * added distance.cl for various image distance operations
	  * added copy-pixels
	  * added backward-8-neighbors and forward-8-neighbors
	  * added distance-transform-3-4 and some other dt functions
	    that need to be clenaed up

2006-06-26  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/conversion.cl, src/defpackage.cl, src/imageops.cl, src/morphology.cl, test/bench-ch-image.cl, test/test-ch-image-2.cl, version.lisp-expr:
	  * constrain values in conversion.cl
	  * add *masked-{argb,rgb,gray}-pixel* and use as defaults for mask
	  * no longer need to take logs for affine transform scaling
	  * distance transform no works with values > 0 instead of > 1
	  * added a preliminary benchmark file
	  * messing with tests

2006-06-09  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* ChangeLog, ch-image.asd, doc/ch-image.gmarkup, io/pngimage.cl, make-tinaa-docs.lisp, src/defpackage.cl, src/gamma.cl, src/shapes.cl, test/test-ch-image-2.cl, test/test-ch-image-3.cl, version.lisp-expr:
	* Add NEWS and ChangeLog to the ASDF file
	* fix make-tinna-docs.lisp
	* add write-png-file for bit-matrix
	* export some more symbols (image-{r,g,b,a}, clip-region, make-text-context,
	  distance-transform, apply-gamma, gaussian-blur-image
	* make-integer-gamma-curve -> make-gamma-curve-lookup-table
	* more gamma clenaup
	* added new package, ch-image-drawing for the drawing stuff
	* some :: -> :

2006-05-10  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/ch-image.cl, version.lisp-expr, ch-image.asd:
	* safely load freetype-ffi now. if freetype-ffi is not present, we won't get
	  the text functions, but everything else will still load
	* added a fast version of set-argb-values for argb-8888-images

	* src/morphology.cl: * removing unnecessary double colons
	* fixing (?) distance-transform

2006-05-09  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/morphology.cl:
	* added distance transform and forward-4-neighbors and backward-4-neighbors

2006-04-19  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* make-dist.sh: adding make-dist.sh

2006-04-18  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/imageops.cl: * added map-channels
	* trying to fix off-by-one error in resize-image

2006-04-15  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* test/test-ch-image.cl, src/conversion.cl, src/defpackage.cl:
	* added bit-matrix->image
	* made bit-matrix->image and make-matrix-image external
	* added make-shapes-test-image test

2006-04-14  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* ch-image-test.asd, ch-image.asd, doc/ch-image.gmarkup, src/conversion.cl, src/defpackage.cl, src/morphology.cl, version.lisp-expr:
	* fix version number for ch-image-test.asd
	* add morphology.cl
	* clean up paths in docs
	* add boundary stuff to docs
	* add make-matrix-image which makes a matrix-image from a matrix
	* add make-norm-ub8-image
	* added 4-neighbors, 8-neighbors, label-components,
	  component-internal-boundary, component-external-boundary, and
	  component boundary and made them external

2006-04-08  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/defpackage.cl:  * make text stuff and logical pixel ops external

	* version.lisp-expr, make-tinaa-docs.lisp, ch-image.asd, ch-image-doc.asd:
	 * tinaa docs
	 * version.lisp-expr stuff

	* test/test-ch-image-3.cl:  * add grayscale text test

	* src/ch-image.cl:
	 * change get/set-pixel not implemented messages to errors
	 * add or-/and-/xor-pixel methods for image-channels

	* src/freetype-text.cl:
	make xor-blit-matrix a generic function and add a method for
	image-channel, along with the existing argb-image method

2006-04-05  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* make-tinaa-docs.lisp: added lisp files for loading to make tinaa docs

	* ch-image.asd, bootstrap.cl: cleaning up tinaa doc stuff

	* ch-image.asd, bootstrap.cl: added tinaa stuff

2006-02-23  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* doc/ch-image.gmarkup: fix typo

	* src/freetype-text.cl:
	use freetype-ffi::get-font-path instead of hard-coding it.

2006-02-17  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/freetype-text.cl, src/ch-image.cl:
	* added xor-pixel, and-pixel. probably need more here.
	* added xor-blt-matrix

	* src/freetype-text.cl: * Moved kerning guts in freetype-ffi

2006-02-16  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/freetype-text.cl:
	* Whoops. Make that Times New Roman not Times new Roman!
	* Set alpha value to 255 instead of 0

	* test/images/euc.jpeg, test/images/euc.tiff, test/images/eucgray.jpeg, test/images/eucgray.tiff, test/images/sanfran.jpg, test/images/sunset-lzw.tiff:
	added images that moved here from ch-imageio

	* test/test-ch-image-3.cl: exercise fonts a bit

	* src/text.cl:
	* added allow-other-keys to draw-char. Currently this is used by the freetext
	  rendering stuff to pass in the previous char to use for kerning.

	* src/freetype-text.cl: * Added times-new-roman
	* Extended the glyph class to hold the char-index and a ref to the glyph itself
	* Added kerning. The kerning stuff (at least some of it) should move
	  to freetype-ffi.

	* src/ch-image.cl:
	* Added or-pixel method. We're going to need more of these, esp xor-pixel.
	* Fixed a typo.

	* ch-image.asd, ch-image-test.asd:
	asdf changes for using freetype-ffi and the new text stuff

	* test/test-ch-image-3.cl: testing more fongs

	* src/freetype-text.cl:
	* Added some more fonts and fixed a big where we using :arial every
	  time, no matter what we passed in.

	* doc/ch-image.gmarkup, ch-image-doc.asd, bootstrap.cl:
	* cleanup bootstrap.cl
	* added output-images to the asdf
	* use enough-namestring in gmarkup file so the right images can be found

	* src/freetype-text.cl: initial verion

	* src/text.cl: adding text rendering capabilities

	* test/test-ch-image-3.cl: added new text rendering test.

2006-01-27  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* io/imageio.cl:
	use equalp in hash-tables so we do case-insensitive matching on file

2006-01-26  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* ChangeLog: commmit ChangeLog changes

2006-01-25  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* ch-image.asd: added :src dependency for io

	* ch-image-doc.asd: trying to get everything to build properly...

	* io/pngimage.cl, io/imageio.cl, ch-image.asd: salza -> ch-salza

2006-01-24  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* doc/ch-image.gmarkup: removed ch-imageio references

	* ChangeLog, io/imageio.cl, io/jpegimage.cl, io/pngimage.cl, io/tiffimage.cl, test/test-ch-image-2.cl:
	adding ch-image io files and test

	* test/test-ch-image.cl, test/examples.cl, src/defpackage.cl, doc/ch-image.gmarkup, ch-image.asd, ch-image-test.asd, ch-image-doc.asd:
	moving ch-imageio functionality into ch-image

2006-01-23  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* doc/images/salad.jpg: added salad image

	* src/shapes.cl, src/imageops.cl, src/defpackage.cl, ch-image-doc.asd:
	* Added salad image
	* Added fill-image
	* Added crop-image
	* Exported fill-image, crop-image and the shape primitives

	* doc/ch-image.gmarkup: * added affine-transformation example
	* added circles example

	* doc/Science.bst, doc/ch-image-markup.cl, doc/lisp.bib, doc/scicite.sty:
	continuing to move markup build stuff out of here so that we
	can use our markup goodies elsewhere.

	* doc/ch-image.gmarkup, ch-image-doc.asd:
	trying to separate out markup build stuff...

2006-01-21  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* doc/Science.bst, doc/build-docs.cl:
	Added Science.bst and removed build-docs.cl

	* doc/ch-image.gmarkup, ch-image-doc.asd:
	moving the documentation build stuff into an asdf file

	* src/conversion.cl, src/ch-image.cl: added conversion.cl
	added getPixelValue for gray-images

	* doc/simple.css, doc/lisp.bib, doc/ch-image.gmarkup: working on it...

2006-01-20  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* doc/build-docs.cl, doc/ch-image-markup.cl, doc/ch-image.gmarkup, doc/images/sanfran.jpg, doc/lisp.bib, doc/scicite.sty, doc/simple.css:
	Adding new files...

	* src/gamma.cl, ch-image.asd: Fixed the asdf file
	make-gamma-curve -> make-integer-gamma-curve

	* test/examples.cl, ch-image-test.asd: * removed .asd cruft
	* added examples file

	* src/defpackage.cl, src/ch-image.cl:
	* [a]rgb-www-image -> [a]rgb-hhh-image
	* moved some copy routines to copy-image.cl

	* src/gamma.cl, src/copy-image.cl, ch-image.asd:
	* added gamma and copy-image source files
	* implemented more copy-image functions
	* added gamma functions

	* src/imageops.cl: cleaning up gaussian blur a little bit

2005-12-11  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* Makefile, ch-image.asd: * Removed Makefile

	* src/defpackage.cl: * export resize-image

	* src/ch-image.cl: * added image-dim
	* added get/set-channels for ub8-matrix-images

2005-12-05  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/imageops.cl:
	added split-around-zero and reworked the logic of the
	constrain-proportions stuff

2005-12-04  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/imageops.cl:
	* Use the new clem::affine-transform for each image channel instead
	  of doing it all ourselves.
	* Added resize-image and made a constrain-proportions keyword arg

2005-11-12  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* ChangeLog: updating ChangeLogs

	* src/ch-image.cl: much more efficient argb-image-to-gray-image

2005-11-12  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/ch-image.cl: much more efficient argb-image-to-gray-image

2005-11-11  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/imageops.cl:
	flip-image was calling (xxx-pixel col row) instead of (xxx-pixel row col)

2005-10-13  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* test/test-ch-image.cl, src/defpackage.cl, src/ch-image.cl:
	ub8-matrix-gray-image -> ub8-matrix-image
	added exports for the other typed matrices

2005-09-07  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/shapes.cl: added in-clip-region and clip-set-pixel

	* src/ch-image.cl: added clip-region and more image classes

2005-09-03  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/ch-image.cl: more type heirarchy cleanup

2005-09-01  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/ch-image.cl: added complex-image
	fixing up the image heirarchy a bit

2005-08-31  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* test/test-ch-image.cl, src/shapes.cl, src/imageops.cl, src/ch-image.cl, ch-image.asd, ch-image-test.asd:
	  added ch-imageio to test depends-on
	  added shapes.cl and added it to ch-image.asd
	  restructured the image class heirarchy a bit and some intermediate
	  removed timestemp from imageops.cl
	  added new tests for shapes

2005-07-24  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* ch-image.asd, ch-image-test.asd, ChangeLog:
	fixing version numbers and bumping ChangeLog

2005-07-20  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/imageops.cl:
	transform-image now returns a copy of the image instead of messing up
	the original image. This is probably the right thing to do since we
	needed to copy the image data anyway. Might as well leave the original

	* ChangeLog: updating changelogs

	* src/imageops.cl:
	compute a default region for the transform if none is given now

2005-07-20  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/imageops.cl:
	transform-image now returns a copy of the image instead of messing up
	the original image. This is probably the right thing to do since we
	needed to copy the image data anyway. Might as well leave the original

	* ChangeLog: updating changelogs

	* src/imageops.cl:
	compute a default region for the transform if none is given now

2005-07-20  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/imageops.cl:
	compute a default region for the transform if none is given now

2005-07-15  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/ch-image.cl: added more set-channels methods

	* src/imageops.cl: added gaussian-blur-image

	* src/ch-image.cl: added set-channels method

2005-07-13  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/imageops.cl, src/defpackage.cl, src/ch-image.cl:
	added get-channels method and impls
	added affine-transform-image method
	exported a couple symbols

2005-07-06  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* ch-image.asd: removed registry stuff.

	* test/test-ch-image.cl: removed describe calls
	util -> ch-util

	* src/ch-image.cl:
	make matrix-gray-image use height for rows and width for cols
	instead of vice versa.

2005-07-01  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* Makefile: adding makefile

	* LICENSE, README, ch-image.asd: added LICENSE and README

	* ChangeLog: added ChangeLog

	* bootstrap.cl, ch-image-test.asd, ch-image.asd, src/ch-image.cl, src/defpackage.cl, src/imageops.cl, test/defpackage.cl, test/test-ch-image.cl:
	image package -> ch-image

2005-07-01  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* bootstrap.cl, ch-image-test.asd, ch-image.asd, src/ch-image.cl, src/defpackage.cl, src/imageops.cl, test/defpackage.cl, test/test-ch-image.cl:
	image package -> ch-image

2005-06-23  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/ch-image.cl: set-image-data had mixed up rows and cols

	* ch-image-test.asd: syncing up package changes
	   ... matrix -> clem
	   ... tiff went away, replaced by imageio and tiff-uffi

2005-06-15  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* ch-image.asd, ch-image-test.asd: more asdf cleanup

	cleaning up the local file path thingy. We used to do it relative to
	  the *load-truename*, now we cache the *load-truename* of the .asd
	  file in a special variable in the tiff-uffi-system package. Then we
	  build our file paths relative to that.

	* src/ch-image.cl: * The big unsigned-byte -> ub8 and friends rename.
	  ... Now use ub32-matrix instead of unsigned-long matrix.
	      Some folks might hate the numbers, but word and long were
	      just too vague and all of those unsigned ints are in fact
	      bytes to lisp anyway!

2005-06-14  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* ch-image.asd, ch-image-test.asd:
	cleaned up asdf file logic a bit. Now there's a piece of code that
	  needs to go in each .asd file, but we don't get screwy behavior
	  based on partial overriding of asdf methods. Now each system gets
	  its own subclass of cl-source-file type and components are specified
	  as :clem-cl-source-file, for instance, instead of :file. Files
	  usually have .cl as the suffix, but this is easily changeable on a
	  per-system basis and fasls go in a separate directory.

2005-05-16  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/ch-image.cl, test/test-ch-image.cl:
	ok, all the images are now in row-major order.

2005-05-12  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/defpackage.cl: use clem instead of matrix.

	* src/ch-image.cl: use clem instead of matrix.
	use row-major indexing.

	* ch-image.asd: now depends on clem instead of matrix.

2005-04-26  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/imageops.cl: fixed an ignore declaration

	* src/ch-image.cl: cleaned up initargs stuff.

2004-10-25  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* src/ch-image.cl, src/defpackage.cl, src/imageops.cl, test/test-ch-image.cl:
	first (real) version of pipeline works now for both manual and auto-seg stuff.
	trying to resolve how to deal with image/matrix split. works for now.

2004-10-20  Cyrus Harmon  <cyrus@bobobeach.com>

	* .cvsignore, bootstrap.cl, ch-image-test.asd, ch-image.asd, src/.cvsignore, src/ch-image.cl, src/defpackage.cl, src/imageops.cl, test/.cvsignore, test/defpackage.cl, test/test-ch-image.cl:
	moving to new home.