Bordeaux Threads

Portable shared-state concurrency for Common Lisp


Based on an original proposal by Dan Barlow (Bordeaux-MP) this library is meant to make writing portable multi-threaded apps simple.

Read the current API documentation.

Tested (whatever that means) on the following platforms:

implementationversion Darwin (OS X) Linux Windows
PPCx86 PPCx86 x86
Allegro a7.06-0-0
ArmedBear 0.0.96-1-0
CMU 19c[no threads]
ECL 0.9h6-0-0[no threads]
LispWorks 4.4.66-0-0
MCL 5.1
OpenMCL 1.06-0-0
SBCL 0.9.13[no threads]6-0-06-0-0

There is also some code in place for Corman Common Lisp and MCL-5.1, but I don't have either installed to test with. On threadless implementations, some forms(like those related to locks) are no-ops, others(like the make-thread) signal an error.

Mailing Lists


Releases are available, and it is also ASDF-Installable.


You can download the current development tree at

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