-*- mode: outline -*-

* Version 0.8, released 18-12-2009

** bugfixes

ARCHIVE can now read POSIX extended header entries, such as those
created by git.  The data from them are currently ignored.

Fixed extraction of files on SBCL, CMUCL, and Lispworks.  (Thanks to
Elliot Slaughter.)

Fixed compilation error in CLISP.  (Thanks to Elliot Slaughter.)

Fixed calling out to _stat on Lispworks/Win32.  (Thanks to Luke Crook.)

* Version 0.7, released 09-02-2008

** bugfixes

Due to a packaging snafu, the Lispworks/Win32 support contributed by
Sean Ross was not included in previous versions.  This oversight has
been fixed.

ARCHIVE now works correctly with archives created by BSD tar variants.
(Thanks to Matthew Kennedy.)

ARCHIVE now works much better on Win32 SBCL.  (Thanks to Matthew

* Version 0.6, released 30-04-2007

** incompatible changes

renamed to :STREAM and its semantics changed.  Please see the
documentation string for details about the semantics of :STREAM.

The dependence on FLEXI-STREAMS has been removed; ENTRY-STREAM now
returns a stream with element-type (UNSIGNED-BYTE 8).  This was done to
facilitate using implementation-dependent translation streams.

** bugfixes

The names of the archive classes (TAR-ARCHIVE, ODC-CPIO-ARCHIVE,
SVR4-CPIO-ARCHIVE) have been exported from ARCHIVE for easier access.

has been tightened.

** new features

ARCHIVE now knows how to extract directories.

WITH-OPEN-ARCHIVE now accepts either a pathname or a stream from which
to open an archive.  (Thanks to Sean Ross.)

ARCHIVE can now create archives on Lispworks/Win32.  (Thanks to Sean

A new generic function, (SETF NAME) has been added for setting the
name of an archive entry.

A family of functions, ENTRY-<foo>-P, have been added for determining
what sort of file an entry is associated with.  Please see the
documentation strings for these functions for details.

* Version 0.5, released 12-01-2006

The README contains a few examples of the library's use.

** bugfixes

Several bugs have been fixed with this release.  The file buffering
code, a source of bugs in the past, has been completely re-written.

** new features

ARCHIVE now understands GNU-style "long filename" and "long linkname"
entries in tar files.

CLISP is now a supported implementation for creating archives.  Other
relevant fixes for CLISP have been made as well.  (Thanks to Magnus

CMUCL is now a supported implementation for creating archives.

Accessing the data associated with an archive entry has been revamped
thanks to the use of Edi Weitz's FLEXI-STREAMS library.  Please see
the documentation string for ENTRY-STREAM for an explanation and the
example of its use in the README file.

* Version 0.3.1, released 11-02-2005

** new features

Sean Ross contributed a compatibility layer for Lispworks as well as
some other small fixes.

* Version 0.2, released 05-01-2004

ARCHIVE no longer comes in a single 'tar.lisp' file, instead being
split across multiple files and tied together with an ASDF file, as
is standard for Common Lisp projects nowadays.

** new features

Support for reading cpio archives.  The input layer was rewritten
somewhat to support this, but the output layer has not yet had the
corresponding changes made.  Old-style and SVR4-style cpio archives are

* Version 0.1, released 15-12-2004

Initial release